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24 June 2016

Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, comments on the UK's decision to leave the European Union.


The result is in – we are leaving the EU. The fight starts now to make sure that the UK doesn't water-down environmental safeguards we've inherited from the European Union. Instead we must improve standards in order to protect our green and pleasant land. Future generations deserve no less.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
24 June 2016

The UK referendum should be a wake-up call for a new era of politics that builds cooperation and solidarity, with peoples' welfare and the environment at its heart.

Friends of the Earth Europe is committed to creating sustainable and just societies and to protecting the environment. We are living in an increasingly globalised society where every nation is inextricably linked. The most pressing issues of today are global – they do not respect national borders, and cannot be tackled alone.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
20 June 2016

Foreign affairs ministers from across the EU today published their conclusions on business and human rights. Friends of the Earth Europe welcomes a reference to the UN process to establish binding rules that would force multinational corporations to respect human rights laws [1], but calls on the EU to start actively supporting this UN process.

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