EU decision-makers in denial about climate commitments

2 March 2016

A European Commission recommendation today not to review pledged action on climate change until after 2030 has been slammed as criminally irresponsible by Friends of the Earth Europe.

In its assessment of the implications of the global climate agreement reached in Paris in December, the European Commission concludes that the bloc's existing emissions reductions targets are adequate.

Brook Riley of Friends of the Earth Europe reacted: "We're shocked EU decision makers are daring to claim current emission reductions targets are adequate, and are ruling out the possibility of increased action. This is a criminally irresponsible move.

"Science makes it clear the EU's fair share means doing much more, much faster than planned.

"With this assessment the Commission is undermining and undoing the Paris Agreement before it is even signed, and washing its hands of its global responsibilities."

"To get on track to its fair share of climate action, Europe must urgently catch-up with the citizen-led energy transition and get off fossil fuels."

The assessment of the Paris agreement will now go to EU environment ministers and heads of state and government.

In Paris, the European Union supported a lower limit of 1.5ºC global temperature rise. Its existing policies are based on a limit of 2ºC to 2.4°C.

Friends of the Earth Europe assessed the Paris Agreement as weak and is calling on European governments to urgently commit to deeper emissions cuts in the short and long-terms.