GMOs Our vision is of European food and farming free from GM crops and corporate control

19 May 2016

EU Member States today postponed a vote on relicensing glyphosate in Europe. Friends of the Earth Europe is calling for an outright ban on the controversial weedkiller, which would transform European agriculture making it greener and publicly acceptable [1].

Genetically modified (GM) crops bring unnecessary risks to both humans and nature. They increase the corporate control of the food chain, whilst placing heavy economic burdens upon conventional and organic food sectors aiming to avoid contamination.


Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for food and farming free from GM crops. We push for solutions that provide livelihoods and healthy food for people, protect our biodiversity, and don't pollute the environment. We aim to make sure GMOs and big business stay out of our food chain and our fields.

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  • Mute Schimpf