Friends of the Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Environment is one of the strongest and most active environmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It brings together professionals and activists dedicated to the protection and improvement of the environment.

The objectives of the organisation are:

  • Raising public awareness about the environment
  • Protecting and enhancing the environment
  • Promoting and advocating the principles of sustainable development
  • Popularisation of volunteer work
  • Advocating greater public participation in decision making about the environment

Our three main programs are: Energy and Climate Change, Transport and Biodiversity and Protected Areas. Currently, Center for Environment is actively campaigning against thermal and hydro power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Center, established in 1999 and based in Banja Luka, works across the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mise Stupara 5
78000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387(0)51 433 140
Fax: +387(0)51 433 141

For enquiries please contact: