Climate justice Building a movement for climate justice, in solidarity with communities already affected by climate change

27 November 2015

More than 140 world Heads of State will launch two weeks of climate talks in Paris on Monday, expected to deliver an unprecedented but weak global agreement which should come into effect in 2020.

Friends of the Earth International – the world's largest grassroots environmental network – does not have high expectations for the outcome of the 'COP21' United Nations Paris Climate Summit. Its members will be present in Paris to call for a transformation of our energy system. [1]

20 November 2015

Friends of the Earth Europe is shocked and saddened by the terrible attacks in Paris, and stands in solidarity with the families of those people killed and injured, and the people of Paris. Friends of the Earth Europe extends our solidarity to all people affected by violence and terrorism.

Reacting to the French government ban on planned climate mobilizations for the COP21 UN climate talks in Paris starting on 30th November due to the heightened security situation, Friends of the Earth International chairperson Jagoda Munic said:

Our world is already experiencing man-made climate change, including here in Europe. The overconsumption of resources is contributing to the climate crisis and increasing social inequality within and between countries.


Friends of the Earth Europe believes the rich industrialised countries most responsible for the climate crisis, including Europe, must act first and fastest to combat it in ways that do not deepen social injustice.


Real solutions to climate change are available. We are working to build and strengthen a movement for climate justice and to promote genuine solutions to the climate crisis.

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