Communities urged to be ‘energy smart’

17 September 2013

Hnutí Duha/Friends of the Earth Czech Republic today launched a new campaign which aims to cut energy use across the country.

The environmental organisation wants the public to become much more conscious of the savings they can make by being 'energy smart'. The campaign has created a new website called 'I don't want to pay' which highlights steps which can deliver huge energy savings for homes, residential estates, office buildings and schools.
The new initiative also hopes to significantly boost investment in energy saving measures through legislative measures and by increased public demand.

Karel Polanecký, energy campaigner, Hnutí Duha/Friends of the Earth Czech Republic said: "We do not need a lot of energy, we need high-quality energy services. First-rate home insulation, solar water heating and energy-saving appliances significantly reduce our dependence on increasingly expensive fossil fuels. And it of course saves money for households and the public purse. "

Hnutí Duha /Friends of the Earth Czech Republic is are also calling on citizens to write to political parties to demand manifesto commitments to approve a strong climate law which will reduce the national dependence on fossil fuels.

Molly Walsh, climate justice and energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "The less energy we use the less money we are giving to the big power companies. It's in our hands to take control of our energy use and be less dependent on energy giants."

This initiative is part of the European Community Power campaign whereby local communities or co-operatives own renewable energy resources or take energy efficiency measures. Localised renewable energy generation and greater efficiency reduces carbon emissions, individuals' bills and promotes a sense of pride in what the community can achieve together.