Deregulation Vital laws to protect the environment and society must not be weakened in the interests of corporate profits

29 June 2016

The European Commission must rethink its so-called 'Better Regulation' agenda, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. The 'Better Regulation Agenda' was created by the European Commission to streamline and improve European law-making. However, Friends of the Earth Europe and allies claim the focus is almost exclusively on cutting-costs for businesses at the expense of social and environmental benefits [1].

The EU has a long history of big business-friendly deregulation. This push to weaken or block new legislation and to scrap existing rules, especially environmental and social protection laws, is often misleadingly described as cutting 'red tape'.


Friends of the Earth Europe is working to ensure that the essential EU regulations keeping people and the environment safe are upheld, not undermined. We are promoting the benefits of strong laws to protect people and planet, and exposing the real big business agenda behind deregulation.

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