Europe's nature in trouble as protection targets veer off track

2 October 2015

Europe is failing to halt irreversible biodiversity loss, and must take bold action to defend nature and reduce the damage from industrial farming, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

The EU's midterm report on its biodiversity strategy, released today, concludes that there has been "no significant overall progress" to halting biodiversity loss – a target the EU and its member states have set for 2020. The report warns that unless implementation and enforcement efforts become considerably bolder and more ambitious, there will be significant implications for the capacity of biodiversity to meet human needs in the future.

Robbie Blake, nature campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "Europe's nature is in trouble. In failing to halt the loss of our butterflies, bees and birds, the EU and our governments are neglecting every citizen's right to experience thriving nature.

"EU leaders must listen to the half a million citizens who have called for our strong nature protection laws to be upheld and better implemented – the last thing we need is for the EC to consider re-writing and weakening them now."

The report also highlights the failings of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

Robbie Blake continued: "Industrial farming is eating up our wildlife – politicians need to do a lot more to support sustainable local food systems that enhance nature."