Meet the people cooking up a better future for food and farming

17 April 2019

Across Europe, small-scale farmers and food activists are pushing a transition towards a better way of producing and consuming food. One that respects nature and the climate, produces better food, and provides good livelihoods for those involved.

These testimonies showcase successful examples from countries where a transition towards agroecological farming and local distribution is already happening. They are but a handful of the huge, diverse movement that is growing across Europe.

How can we support them to grow and thrive?

Farmers need support to farm sustainably, and sell their produce locally. They shouldn't be squeezed out by ever-expanding industrial farms, and should be free from supermarkets who push prices ever-lower.

And as consumers, we should be able to purchase ecologically-produced food from local producers.

Governments – and the EU, through the Common Agricultural Policy – need to urgently make these happen if they are serious about making good use of public money to support a fairer, safer and more sustainable food and farming system.