European Commission gives green light to world's biggest agribusiness company

27 March 2017

Friends of the Earth Europe has today sharply criticised the decision by European regulators to approve the merger of Dow Chemicals and DuPont. The approval paves the way for the creation of the world's biggest agri-chemical and seed company

Over 200 organisations this week expressed their opposition to the current consolidations in the agribusiness sector in an open letter to European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager. The farmer, farmworker, beekeeper, religious, international development, and environmental groups – together representing millions of members – stated that the proposed mergers of Dow Chemical with DuPont, Monsanto with Bayer AG, and Syngenta with ChemChina will lead to an unacceptable monopoly, with three companies controlling around 70% of the world's agri-chemicals and more than 60% of commercial seeds.

Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth Europe said: "This decision to allow Dow Chemicals and DuPont to form the world's biggest agribusiness company will give giant corporations an even tighter toxic grip on our food and countryside. For the public and nature such mergers are marriages made in hell. The European Commission must reject further agribusiness mergers by Monsanto and Bayer and Syngenta and ChemChina and instead support a fairer and greener food system away from corporate control."

DuPont is the world's second-biggest seed manufacturer; Dow is fifth. Concerns about the combined companies' dominance triggered an in-depth investigation by the European Commission.