26 June 2013

This short briefing spells out the disconnect between climate science and EU action. The European Union has often repeated its commitment to limiting global warming to 2°C yet EU leaders are assuming a 50/50 chance of overshooting the 2°C limit.

It includes recommendations for getting EU climate and energy policies to measure up to the scale of the problem.


10 May 2013

Why Europe needs three ambitious and binding targets for 2030 to cut greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and develop renewable energies to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

And how these will encourage investment in solutions that will cut Europe’s emissions at the rate and scale science tells us is needed, and also create decent jobs, improve energy security and save money for consumers and businesses alike.

1 December 2012

This briefing examines the root causes of Europe's biofuels policy, and its costly environmental impacts - particularly on Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC), CO2 emissions, food prices, water usage, biodiversity, and landgrabbing.

3 July 2012

Halfway through its term in office, the European Commission is falling behind in the race to create sustainable long-term prosperity in Europe, warn Europe's leading green groups in this critical assessment of the Commission's environmental performance since 2010.

1 June 2011

This briefing demonstrates that biofuels are a false solution for the aviation industry. The social and environmental impacts of current biofuels can be devastating: they cause deforestation, food price rises, hunger, poverty, biodiversity loss and they often produce more GHG emissions than the fossil fuels they replace. Biofuels present the aviation industry with a convenient blind alley, facilitating the industry’s expansion plans and avoiding pressure to reduce their fuel use and diverting political attention from the real need to cut air travel in order to reduce climate change.

1 May 2011

Spoof newspaper produced and published by Friends of the Earth Europe to raise awareness and engage business and EU leaders towards bold climate action at the European Business Summit.

1 May 2011

Parody erratum to Shell's sustainability report; where Shell apologises for all previous wrong-doings.

1 February 2011


Today, energy savings is a purely voluntary policy that European countries have largely ignored. Friends of the Earth groups around Europe are calling for binding EU energy saving targets, and strong and social policies at the local and national level to ensure that every country contributes to saving energy.

1 November 2010

The report details presents 10 guiding principles, proposed to ensure a sound EU-Budget with clear targets, improved efficiency and accountability. The second part flags the three most detrimental environmental challenges that the budget must address in order to place Europe on a sustainable development path. In the third part, it presents concrete steps for reforming the major European funding instruments and policies so that they can catalyse the transition.

1 November 2010

This study analyses the likely impacts on land use and greenhouse gas emissions of biofuel use by 2020. It includes evidence on size and impacts of ‘indirect land use change’ resulting from biofuel use. It is the most comprehensive study to date to quantify these effects. It reveals that the EU’s plans for biofuels will result in the conversion of up to 69 000 square kilometres of land to agricultural use potentially putting forests, other natural ecosystems, and poor communities at risk.