1 June 2009

This report from the Green10 group of environmental organisations working at EU level examines the environmental record of the outgoing European Commission which it concludes is worringly off target. It examines successes and failures of the Commission in 12 policy areas that impact the environment, and sets out a checklist for the next Commission.

1 January 2008

The Italian-Slovak utility Enel/SE and the Slovak government are speeding up the completion of Mochovce Units 3 and 4. When it comes to nuclear safety of these VVER 440/V213 units, there is conflicting information as to which standard is to be applied. Available in English, German and Dutch.

1 July 2007

Friends of the Earth MedNet submission to the stakeholder consultation of 10 July 2007

1 June 2007

The Green 10's guide to facing the EU's future environmental challenges

1 April 2007

Comparative analysis of the 2007-2013 structural funding allocations for energy and transport in the new member states.

1 April 2007

A mid-term report on the European Commission's environmental record

1 February 2007

Facts and figures about nuclear power.

1 October 2006

Photo booklet of European citizens' demands to governments

1 December 2005

Key recommendations for the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference by Friends of the Earth International.

1 June 2005

Growth Scenarios for EU and UK aviation -- Contradictions with climate policy, FoE England, Wales and Northern Ireland, June 2005 + summary