19 June 2020

As EU heads of government today deliberate the EU’s proposed €750 billion coronavirus recovery package by teleconference, Friends of the Earth Europe warns they risk a rebound to business-as-usual, which would put global warming targets beyond reach.

8 June 2020

Stories of solidarity under coronavirus

Coronavirus hasn’t affected everyone equally. We're sharing stories from across our European and global network of what lockdown and life under coronavirus look like around the world. Hearing from those who are among the worst affected, and how they are taking action.

29 May 2020

This is a ground-breaking moment for the future of Europe but the bloc’s recovery package falls short of building a fairer future. 

By Jagoda Munić, director, Friends of the Earth Europe. First published on Thomson Reuters Foundation.

18 May 2020

The Energy Charter Treaty takes an axe to climate action 

By Thomas Dauphin, trade campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe

15 May 2020

Stories from the frontlines of climate hope

All over Europe, people are rising up to fix climate breakdown – demanding urgent transformation to a fair, fossil free future. Communities, cities and people are at the forefront of building community-owned renewable energy, creating green jobs, and tackling energy poverty.

Here is one such story from the frontlines of climate hope, from Ukraine.

27 April 2020

Boosting the clean energy transition can help our economies recover.

Blog by Molly Walsh, Climate justice campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, originally published in Common Dreams.

23 April 2020

To weather the COVID-19 crisis, Europe’s energy poor urgently need a green bailout - providing decent, zero-carbon homes for all.

Blog by Clémence Hutin, Climate justice campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, and coordinator of the Right to Energy coalition. Originally published in Euractiv.

4 March 2020

The European Commission today publishes a new climate law that Friends of the Earth Europe says does not represent emergency action for the climate crisis.

27 February 2020

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland has won a historic legal battle to protect the climate from Heathrow expansion and push the British government to act in accordance with the climate emergency. This ruling is an absolutely ground-breaking result for climate justice.

Will Rundle, head of legal at Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland, said:

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
12 February 2020

A quarter of MEPs today voted in favour of a resolution to reject the EU's proposed list of priority energy infrastructure, including 55 fossil gas projects, though this was insufficient to veto the list. 169 MEPs voted in favour of a rejection of the 4th PCI list, 443 against, with 36 abstentions.


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