20 July 2020

Together with a coalition of NGOs, we wrote to the European Commission to request a meeting to ensure the Common Agricultural Policy is brought in line with the climate, environmental and biodiversity committments of the European Green Deal.

9 June 2020

Insects are in decline across the world because of industrial farming and heavy pesticide use which are threatening food production, according to the Insect Atlas released today by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Friends of the Earth Europe.

Insects keep the planet's ecological system running, and ensure our food supply - 75% of our most important crops depend on pollination by insects. Insects also improve soil quality and reduce plant pests by decomposing manure and dead plant matter.

19 May 2020

Plans for reforming food and farming policies, in particular the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), feature digitalisation as a universal solution for more environmentally and pollinator-friendly farming. This new report warns however that digital farming, instead of benefiting the climate and environment, could further tighten the stranglehold of corporations on our food.

30 April 2020

Plans for a 'European Green Deal' were presented by the European Commission as a "man on the moon" moment, which it claimed would herald an economic paradigm shift. But while the language is full of promise, the strong rhetoric disguises only moderate proposals.

Friends of the Earth Europe has developed five over-arching principles to guide decision-making around a European Green Deal.

A European Green Deal capable of delivering systemic change, and putting us on a path to a just and sustainable future, must be based on these Principles for Transformation:

25 February 2020

Ahead of the European Commission's Farm to Fork Strategy, we wrote to key Commissioners and Commission Vice-President Timmermans to call on them to recognise and address the need to reduce and improve the production and consumption of meat, dairy and eggs in the strategy.

19 February 2020

Can digital farming really address the systemic causes of agriculture's impact on the environment and society, or will it entrench them? This new briefing looks at the EU Commission's package of measures to create a "European digital society", how these fall short in the agricultural field, and what needs to be done instead.

30 January 2020

EU demand for beef, soy (for animal feed) and palm oil is driving deforestation in the Global South. This briefing looks at what is driving the problem, the limitations of current approaches to tackle it (including sustainability certification schemes), and proposes a way forward based on a broad policy perspective based on ensuring food sovereignty.

13 December 2019

The European Commission is promising to overhaul our food and farming system with its Farm to Fork Strategy as part of its European Green Deal. But will it really shift agriculture away from industrial farming, support farmers and stop climate and ecological breakdown? In our open letter to Executive Commission Vice-President Timmermans, Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski, Health Commissioner Kyriakides and Environment Commissioner Sinkevičius, we call on the Commission to propose a genuinely radical strategy to push Europe on a path towards food sovereignty.

17 July 2019

After Ursula Von Der Leyden was confirmed as the new President of the European Commission, Friends of the Earth Europe joined 36 other civil society organisations working on farming, fisheries, the environment, animal welfare, health, consumers, consumer co-operatives, development, social justice, climate, and forestry, to ask her to seek a new direction in the way food policies are made and priorities are set.

The core demands are:

1. the EU should develop an integrated EU food policy over the course of the next legislature

9 July 2019

Together with over 20 other civil society organisations, we wrote to newly-elected MEPs sitting on the European Parliament's agriculture committee to outline some of the urgent crises facing our food and farming system, and how we want to collaborate to fix them.