27 March 2017

The proposed mergers of Bayer with Monsanto, Dow with DuPont, and ChemChina with Syngenta threaten European farmers, workers, consumers, the environment, and food security.

6 March 2017

Joint statement by over 150 civil society organisations on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The European food and farming system is broken: it is working for the interests of a few to the detriment of the majority of people, farmers, and the planet. A reformed CAP must empower fair and diverse faming economies, support a healthy environment, good animal welfare, and citizens' wellbeing, and be underpinned by participatory governance, citizens' empowerment and democracy.

10 November 2016

After European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan commited to investing in promoting meat consumption in Europe and promoting European beef in foreign markets, Friends of the Earth Europe and eleven other organisations urged him to reconsider – given that promoting meat consumption is in direct contradiction with the European Union's objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

10 November 2016

Our open letter to EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, expressing concerns regarding his commitment to invest in promoting meat consumption in Europe and promoting European beef in foreign markets. The letter was co-signed with Slow Food, the European Environmental Bureau, Compassion in World Farming, Eat Better, Humane Society International, Greenpeace EU, SAFE, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Eurogroup for Animals and Friends of the Earth Europe.

21 October 2016

There is no doubt that eliminating hunger worldwide is one of humanity’s greatest challenges in the 21st century. However, there are radically divergent visions for how to achieve this goal. Many people equate “feeding the world” with the need to produce more food, but in reality the problem is one of unequal and wasteful distribution.

28 April 2016

This report shows how the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal being negotiated between the EU and the US could spell disaster for European farming.

22 March 2016

European organisations active in farming, development, environment, climate, animal welfare, food systems and public health, sent this open letter to President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, appealing for him to consider a review of the European food and farming system.

The organisations involved believe that this system is largely broken and that the main policy currently addressing it – the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – requires an urgent assessment, as it seems not equipped to address the fundamental challenges that Europe is facing in this sector.

25 January 2016

The laws that protect nature across Europe – the EU's Birds and Habitats Directives (known as the 'nature directives') – are currently being reviewed by the European Union as part of the REFIT (Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme) process. The review will continue until the end of 2016.

In this report, Friends of the Earth outlines its concerns that the EU may weaken these crucial laws that form the cornerstone of nature protection and restoration.

1 October 2015

The European Commission launched an initiative that aims at promoting the transition to the circular economy through a comprehensive approach that integrates the whole value chain. Agriculture is a clear example of a sector that could readily operate to circular principles. At present, however, it is linear in its structure. It uses unnecessarily high levels of inputs, a large proportion of which are not converted into edible products but instead result in wasteful and environmentally damaging outputs. The circular economy package needs to inlcude agriculture.

13 April 2015

This briefing looks at how communities are taking control of the food revolution, and bypassing supermarkets to reconnect citizens with the food they eat and the people that produce it. With case studies from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Hungary, it demonstrates the variety and creativity of those working together for a better food future.

The English-language version of this briefing was updated in May 2016 with new case studies from Germany and Hungary.