14 February 2008

Brussels, February 14 - A new study, released today [1], shows that the proposed binding minimum EU recycling targets of 50 per cent for municipal waste [2] by 2020, currently discussed by the European Parliament, could save emissions equivalent to more than 89 million tonnes (mt) of CO2 equivalent per year. This is equivalent to taking 31 million cars off the road. The study builds on a UK report [3] which found that most studies showed that recycling was better for the climate than incineration.

18 December 2007

Amsterdam, Brussels 18 December 2007 - Four years after the EU Action Plan on illegal timber was introduced, illegal and destructive timber continues to pour across Europe's borders. A report released today by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace shows that European consumers continue to unknowingly buy flooring and exterior doors made from illegally and destructively logged merbau, a species threatened with extinction.[1]

15 October 2007

Brussels, October 15th - Green campaign groups have today condemned the EU for its position in the latest environmental WTO dispute - about Europe dumping its used and retreaded tyres on Brazil. Brazil tried to ban the import of used tyres because they act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, but the EU complained to the WTO about the ban. Today, the WTO body that settles disputes is holding a hearing with both parties in Geneva.

29 June 2007

Brussels, 29th June 2007 - Environmental NGOs today condemned the results of yesterday's Environment Council vote as a serious climb-down on more than 30 years of European waste policy. Ministers promoted incineration and missed the opportunity to modernise waste policy so that it increases Europe's resource efficiency and reduces its climate impacts.

26 June 2007

Brussels, 26th June 2007 - Environmental NGOs today called on EU Environment Ministers to reject a plan to redefine waste incineration from 'disposal' to 'recovery', arguing that the redefinition would promote environmentally-damaging incineration and is, in any case, unnecessary.

13 February 2007

Strasbourg, 13 February - Friends of the Earth Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) have welcomed a vote in the European Parliament today backing waste prevention and recycling as the key elements for dealing with waste in Europe. The environmental groups also congratulated MEPs for rejecting a misguided proposal to 're-brand' incineration, which would have promoted transporting and burning waste [1].

Dr Michael Warhurst, Waste and Resources Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, said:

8 February 2007

On Tuesday 13th/Wednesday 14th February, the European Parliament will vote in Strasbourg on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive. This directive is the umbrella law for all EU waste legislation. Positive improvements to the directive to boost recycling and waste prevention could hugely improve Europe's resource efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

28 November 2006

Brussels, 28 November - Friends of the Earth Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) have welcomed new forward-looking targets for waste prevention agreed by the European Parliament's Environment Committee today. The environmental NGOs also commended the committee for rejecting a controversial proposal to rebrand and effectively promote waste incineration, but expressed concern that additional measures to boost recycling were not adopted.

24 November 2006

Brussels, 24 November - Friends of the Earth Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) today challenged members of the European Parliament to vote down an attempt to promote incineration of waste at the expense of recycling and waste prevention.

27 June 2006

Brussels, Tuesday June 27 - Environmental NGOs have criticised EU Environment Ministers for failing to address the controversial Commission proposal to reclassify municipal waste incinerators as 'recovery facilities' when they discussed EU Waste Strategy today. The redefinition risks boosting incineration at the expense of reduction and recycling of waste.


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