Materials and waste We need to stop throwing so much away, and start reducing, reusing and recycling more

2 December 2015

The European Commission today launched its revised proposal to tackle resource use and waste in Europe. The reworked Circular Economy Package is weaker than last year’s axed proposal, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, and lacks the solid foundations required to address Europe’s overconsumption of resources and its global impact.

9 July 2015

The European Parliament today voted to back strong waste and recycling targets, and pushed for solutions to the fundamental problem of Europe's resource overconsumption.

The vote comes after the European Commission controversially shelved its flagship piece of waste and resource legislation – the circular economy package – last year. It has since promised to re-table it in a "more ambitious" form.

Europe generates waste at an unsustainable rate. Most European countries still follow an unsustainable, wasteful pattern: extract resources, manufacture products, consume them, and then dispose of them, as cheaply as possible.


Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for reducing, reusing and recycling – practices that are not only good for the planet, but create jobs and are positive for the economy.

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