Nature is our right

Nature is our right!

Nature is for everyone to experience and enjoy. Nature is freedom. Friends of the Earth believes we all need nature in our lives, and we are campaigning to ensure everyone has a right to access vibrant nature.

A gushing river in spring, the crunch of leaves in autumn, the music of birds singing in summer. Spend time in nature, and it evokes in us all a sense of liberty, beauty, wonder, and the interconnectedness of life.

Nature is invaluable in its own right – special places and species are unique and irreplaceable. They must not be sold off, privatised nor traded on any market.

Nature is important to Europe's citizens: over 80% think loss of nature in their country is a serious problem.

Experiencing vibrant nature is also crucial for everybody's health and wellbeing. Regular time spent in nature is good for children's development, and for fitness and our mental health. As a necessary component of a good life, we believe that experiencing nature should be considered a fundamental right for everyone, regardless of our backgrounds. When nature thrives we thrive.

Too often, poor and ethnic minority communities with the least power and money bear the brunt of environmental damage and pollution – they are denied the ability to experience nature. Access to nature is an issue of justice.

Nature is our right (c) Luka Tomac / FoEE

We need nature: it protects our homes from flooding, provides us with clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and soil to produce our food, helps protect us from climate change, and has many other irreplaceable benefits. A healthy and sustainable economy is dependent on our looking after nature.

Friends of the Earth is joining people around Europe to stand up for our right to nature and for full implementation of vital European laws to protect nature – for all of us and for future generations.