New Finnish government agrees climate law proposal

30 June 2011

The Finnish Big Ask campaign has reached a major milestone with the new coalition government agreeing to prepare a proposal on a climate law.

After long and tough negotiations following elections in April, a coalition government with six parties has been formed. The Greens, the Left Alliance and the Social Democrats have all stated that a climate change law is one of the most important legislative projects of the next electoral period.

The Minister of Environment, a member of the Green party, has stated publically that a climate law, a climate panel and carbon budgeting are important policy areas to him.

Friends of the Earth Finland will be working to ensure that the draft law includes binding carbon budgets which set explicit targets of at least 40 per cent emissions cuts by 2020 and 95 per cent by 2050, and that sectors covered by the EU's emissions trading scheme are also included in the law.

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