A song for reCAP

29 August 2012

Participants at the YFoEE summer camp took time out one sunny afternoon to put together this song and movie with their take on the reCAP demands. Read the lyrics and enjoy the song, from one of our very first 50 actions for reCAP!

Oh Mr Cioloş

Give me a green CAP

It´s what you promised, now get on with that

The climate is changing, so it´s time for action

Factory farming is environmentally harming

Oh Politicians

Hear our voice

Think of the future, not monoculture

Go and subsidise organic farms

Keep the seed variety too

Bom bom bom bom.....

Oh Mr farmer

You've suffered a lot

50 CAP years hasn't help your crop

Big corporations are getting the money

Business as usual isn´t even funny


Leave them aside

If you don´t, biodiversity dies

We've got seven years to change the world

Mr Cioloş give us

Green green CAP

Mr Cioloş

It's time, to act!