Youth Convergence on Climate Justice, Brussels, Belgium

1 November 2011

CALL for participants: “Durban in Brussels”

Last year in December, during the 16th UN climate conference in Cancun, youth from all over Europe met during the two weeks in Brussels for the climate justice convergence Cancun in Brussels. We followed the negotiations, learnt and discussed about the different climate justice topics and we did actions in the city of Brussels to support our campaigners in Cancun.

This year we will meet again for one week in December, parallel to the UN climate negotiations in Durban. We want to bring at least 100 young European climate activists together in order to follow the negotiations as well as stay in regular contact with the climate campaigners in Durban and discuss the political developments.

Join us in Brussels, as hundreds of Youth from all across Europe demand climate justice and real action from the UN Climate Talks in Durban!

So take your calendar, mark the date and take part in a great international climate justice movement! You will have the chance to learn about issues related to climate change and climate justice, build up closer contacts to other inspiring people and organisations, and you will be able to give your own workshops on topics you are working on and help creating a program which works best for you!