Food sovereignty NOW!

21 August 2011

Nyeleni forum on food sovereignty in Krems, Austria

"Nyeleni" is the name of a woman who showed how farming with respect for the land and the traditions can be a way to get out of poverty and modern slavery. With her job she found freedom for her family and inspired her whole village. "Food sovereignty" is the idea that people should be free to choose what they are going to grow as farmers and to eat as consumers.

Following the iconic example of Nyeleni, in August more than 400 people from Europe met in Krems, Austria, to share experiences, teach and learn stories, build links and create the platform for an European movement for Food Sovereignty. Farmers, consumers, workers and NGOs coming from different places but (amazing!), all with the same thought that sustainability in agriculture and food consumption are keys for changing the World, starting from the Land. YFoEE was also present at Nyeleni with activists from Norway, Hungary, Lithuania and Italy. Food Sovereignty NOW!