Climate justice: more than words

18 June 2011

Youth seminar at UNFCCC climate talks

"Come to the party this December in Durban where the EU will commit to 40% emission reductions domestically by 2020." This is how activists discussed with UN delegates in front of the UNFCCC climate talks in Bonn. With music, singing, dancing and a 40-percent cake, young people celebrated the announcement of the EU's critical pledge of 40% domestic GHG emission reductions by 2020.

The spoof pre-party was made up by the 40 participants of the international seminar "Climate Justice - More than Words" which took place from 10th to 18th June 2011 close to Bonn, Germany, in parallel to the UN climate talks in Bonn. The aim of this event was youth capacity-building, training, networking and education on climate justice issues.

Besides direct action the seminar had a programme full of interesting speakers and interactive workshops, for example, on the history of the UNFCCC process and EU climate policy as well as on the equitable sharing of remaining carbon budgets or real solutions for the climate crisis. Participants also exchanged their knowledge on national climate change and energy policies, trained themselves in organising effective campaigns and shared plans for youth activism in 2011, including the Push Europe campaign. Due to the nearby negotiations in Bonn, we also had the chance to meet delegates from the Global South at the seminar; and it was inspiring to think about and discuss the concept of climate justice with them and to hear testimonies from those most affected by climate change.