Cancun in Brussels

12 December 2010

Young Friends of the Earth Europe youth convergence for climate justice, 2010

Young Friends of the Earth Europe organised a hugely successful Cancun In Brussels convergence in order to take direct action for climate justice, in parallel with the 2010 UN Climate talks! For over two weeks more than 100 young people from across Europe were in Brussels, following daily the international climate change negotiations taking place in Cancun, Mexico, whilst also coming together to learn, share skills, knowledge and plans and take action, all demanding real climate justice. A full report about the event and the topics that were explored, including pictures, movies and daily blog can be found at

Our call for climate justice goes far beyond the scope of the official UN summit! Independent of the results in CancĂșn could achieve, there is a need to build our own capacities in order to build a strong and diverse climate justice movement based on real solutions, coming from real people and from the bottom up.

Soon we'll be announcing our detailed plans for mobilisation and action targeting the 2011 UN climate talks at the end of the year in South Africa, and another convergence for Climate Justice in parallel to these talks in Brussels. Everyone is welcome to travel to Brussels and join!