Push Europe

1 May 2011

YFoEE’s new European wide climate campaign June-October 2011

Get ready for a hot summer to fight for climate justice in Europe! From June to October, BUNDjugend and YFoEE will be running a European wide youth campaign to "Push Europe" to show more ambition in tackling climate change. We will be calling on the EU to adopt an unconditional minimum 30% target for domestic emission reductions by 2020 before the next round of international climate negotiations in Durban at the end of the year. By mobilizing thousands of young people all over Europe, we will show EU decision makers that the European youth is ready to take action against climate change.

If we don't invest now in solving the climate crisis, the youth of today and future generations will have to pay a massive price over the coming decades. But many European governments are still blocking more ambitious action on the EU level. We need to send them a clear signal in a language they understand: money! Therefore, we will be asking young people from all around Europe to make symbolic 1 cent transfers to their national treasuries as a down-payment for investment in solving the climate crisis. Through the "Push Europe" campaign we will build and unite a movement of young Europeans to take action against climate change and we will put pressure on our decision makers to take a strong stand for the climate, for young people and for future generations.

For the campaign to work, we need thousands of young people across Europe to take action. We are looking for individuals, and organisations, who can help build the campaign at a local and national level and/or who can help us spread the word!

More info on: www.pusheurope.eu