Interview: Živilė Mantrimaitė, YFoEE member

4 May 2011

Get to know us better!

Introducing Živilė Mantrimaitė, aged 17 from Zvevone (YFoE Lithuania)

- Your core topic in environmental field: Water pollution

- One amazing thing you have done: The first climbing up the peak of a mountain. The mountain wasn't very high, but I will remember it for a long time.

- Free time activities: to do everything on the spot

- Your motto: Get rid of all restrictions imposed on us

What is your organisation?

YFoE Lithunia, or the "Žvejonė" environmental club, is a public non-governmental non-profit organisation in Klaipeda, the third biggest city of Lithuania. It was established in 1988 as a member of the Lithuanian Green movement. We provide environmental information to the community, organise environmental education camps, trips to nature, environmental protection campaigns and implement research projects. We collaborate with international partners and regional NGOs in various projects and campaigns. The majority of our members are young people, thinking globally but acting locally for change.

How did you get involved in this organization and what is your role?

My interest in nature began when I was in the second form. Then I attended a young naturalists' club. I have been doing many projects about the Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. My first contact with "Žvejonė" was at an environmental research camp which they organised. After the camp I decided to open the green doors of "Žvejonė" and three years have passed since then! This year I was elected as a board member and participate in water pollution and waste incineration campaigns.

What has been your best experience with "Žvejonė"?

"Žvejonė" taught me things such as what a project is, how to communicate with other organisations, how to run an event etc. I met a lot of different, friendly people there. The best experience has been the chance to organise an action called "Let's do it" with several other enthusiasts in Klaipėda, our home town. This helped me to develop myself in such a big and important event in Lithuania.

How did you get involved with Young Friends of the Earth Europe?

I heard a lot about YFoEE from other members of "Žvejonė". One of them, Jolanta, offered me to participate in the climate justice convergence "Cancun in Brussels" in December 2010. This was the only project organised by YFoEE which I took part in for the moment, and it was worth doing because it gave me plenty of knowledge and I met great people! I hope to participate in other projects in the future as well.

Has working in YFoEE network changed you personally?

I am new in this network, but YFoEE has taught me things like what climate justice or carbon trading are.