Poor countries still waiting for climate cash

20 October 2009

Brussels, October 20, 2009 – Developing nations are still waiting to hear how much Europe is prepared to contribute to the fight against climate change after Europe's finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg today failed to agree to put forward figures for the EU's contribution to funding for adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.

Finance ministers did not reach agreement and no conclusions were adopted. Discussions will now continue among environment ministers and heads of state.

As long as the European Union continues to delay facing up to its historical responsibilities the international climate negotiations, due to reach agreement in Copenhagen in December, could remain in deadlock.

Sonja Meister, climate campaign coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe, said: "Ministers have again delayed agreement on a definite number for funds to help developing countries tackle climate change and adapt to its consequences. To keep hopes alive of a just global agreement on climate change Europe must provide its fair share of the finances needed. Now its up to environment ministers tomorrow and our heads of state next week to come forward with such a number and show the EU is serious about ending the stalemate in the international negotiations."

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