Ambitious climate action rejected again

5 July 2011

Brussels, July 5, 2011 – European politicians are courting climate chaos, and ignoring the economic benefits of ambitious climate action, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. The criticism comes following a vote in European Parliament today rejecting a move to 30% emissions reductions by 2020. This comes two weeks after Poland prevented the Environment Council from adopting proposals for more ambitious climate targets for 2020 and up to 2050.

Esther Bollendorff, climate justice and energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe, said: "European politicians are struggling to overcome deadlock on climate issues, and have once again given in to the business lobby. Energy intensive industry will continue to profit from perverse mechanisms, including windfall profits of up to €4 billion from carbon-trading, at the expense of people and planet. Both politicians and industry need to join ranks with those who recognise and embrace the economic benefits of more ambitious emissions targets." [1]

Young people across Europe are taking action, pushing for a strengthening of Europe's carbon emission reduction target to at least 30% by 2020, as a crucial stepping stone to at least 40% [2].

[1] Iron & Steel and Cement companies have accumulated between 2008-2010 a surplus of 240 million allowances worth €4.1bn and equivalent four times the EU’s environment budget over the same period. Sandbag: Carbon Fat Cats 2011 
In June, 72 companies called on the EU to support 30% emission reductions. 
[2] Push Europe is a partnership campaign bringing together the UK Youth Climate Coalition, Young Friends of the Earth Europe and Bund Jugend. 

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