Stronger political focus needed for future of farming

20 October 2011

Agriculture ministers must not jeopardise a fairer and greener future for farming in Europe by pushing for industrial farming

European agriculture ministers met today to discuss the draft plans for the future of farming in Europe, but let competitiveness debates get in the way of essential discussions about measures that could protect farmers and the environment, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

Stanka Becheva, Friends of the Earth Europe food campaigner said: "Governments must focus on the essential work of strengthening the CAP and fighting for measures that will really deliver. Simple measures that can tackle price volatility, protect the environment and address hunger exist, and these must be urgently developed."

"Farmers and wildlife are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, and the current plans do not do enough to protect either. Governments must understand that the only way to secure food production is through more sustainable practices and support for small scale farmers, not monocultures and trade-fixated agribusiness. We need strong political will to ensure a fairer and greener future for farming in Europe."



[1] Friends of the Earth Europe's briefing on the CAP, 'Public money for public goods' is available here: