1 July 2007

Friends of the Earth MedNet submission to the stakeholder consultation of 10 July 2007

1 June 2007

2 reports revealing that major international banks are financing a catastrophic mud volcano in Indonesia:

The financing of the three Brantas PSC companies

Lapindo Brantas and the mud volcano

1 June 2007

The Green 10's guide to facing the EU's future environmental challenges

1 May 2007

Common NGO position negotiations on an association agreement between the EU and the Community of Andean Nations (CAN)

1 April 2007

Comparative analysis of the 2007-2013 structural funding allocations for energy and transport in the new member states.

1 April 2007

A mid-term report on the European Commission's environmental record

1 March 2007

A scoping study on how European agricultural biotechnology will fail the Lisbon objectives and on the socio-economic benefits of ecologically compatible farming. 

1 February 2007

Facts and figures about nuclear power.