1 April 2007

Comparative analysis of the 2007-2013 structural funding allocations for energy and transport in the new member states.

1 March 2007

A scoping study on how European agricultural biotechnology will fail the Lisbon objectives and on the socio-economic benefits of ecologically compatible farming. 

1 February 2007

Facts and figures about nuclear power.

15 January 2007

Report on how Shell should fund local solutions for environmental and social destruction caused by its project.

15 January 2007

An analysis of the global performance of genetically modified crops (1996-2006)

1 December 2006

Information from the Biotechnology Programme of Friends of the Earth Europe

1 October 2006

by Martin Rocholl PhD (Consultant / Friends of the Earth Europe), Stefan Giljum PhD, Arno Behrens (Sustainable Europe Research Institute) and Kai Schlegelmilch (Green Budget Germany)

1 October 2006

A briefing by Friends of the Earth Europe, EEB, Greenpeace, Health & Environment Alliance and Women in Europe for a Common Future

1 October 2006

Photo booklet of European citizens' demands to governments