Trade The interests of people and the planet must be put before the interests of big business

11 February 2019

This Wednesday, 13th February, Members of the European Parliament will vote on a controversial investment deal between the EU and Singapore. This treaty is very similar to the investment chapters of CETA, the unpopular trade deal between the EU and Canada which outraged people all over Europe in 2015 and 2016.

14 January 2019

The US Congress has given the green light to start new trade negotiations with the European Union, raising concerns around potential impacts on EU agriculture.

While the European Commission is aiming for an industry-only deal, the US government is strongly pushing for agriculture to be included in any agreement. This would likely open up the same controversies around food safety and agriculture tariffs that helped sink previous EU-US trade talks. 

The EU trade and investment policy benefits big business, at the expense of workers, consumers and our environment.


We urgently need a trade policy that puts sustainability at its heart and contributes to protecting our environment and climate.

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