Why gas stinks: and why the EU must prioritise energy and renewables

17 November 2015

This briefing outlines the main reasons that we must prioritise efficiency and renewables over gas. To fight climate change it is vital to intensify efforts to save energy, switch to renewables and end the reign of fossil ful companies. This includes the gas lobby which is doing all it can to delay the energy transition. 

The briefing explains why:

Gas is incompatible with the EU's climate commitment - scientific consensus is that the majority of fossil fuels, including gas, must remain in the ground if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

The briefing says the EU must prioritise renewables and efficiency, especially in the follow-up to the Paris climate summit.

Billions are being wasted on stranded fossil fuel assets - Subsidies for fossil fuels are roughly ten times higher than for renewables while the EU spends over 4 billion euros a year on coal and gas imports, often from unstable regions.

The briefing says that we need to think differently. Gas demand is already falling fast. There is no need to subsidise external energy suppliers when there are many more benefits to be had from investing in domestic renewables and energy efficiency.