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20 August 2014

Elena from Young Friends of the Earth Macedonia

Building our Network

20 August 2014

Rady from Za Zemiata/Young Friends of the Earth Bulgaria

The day trip

Today, myself and the whole young FoEE group had a really nice excursion in the Rhodope mountains – around the lake area where we were camping. The trip took us around 5 hours, but we didn't notice the time pass. We were busy talking, and collecting wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Often we had to stop in order to take photos of the beautiful views all around us.

17 August 2014

Iwan from Bundjugend/Young Friends of the Earth Germany

The morning meeting started with congratulations to our friend Max on his birthday and a quick run-through of the main activities for the day ahead.

After that we continued with a free skill-sharing session. One of these seminars was about Land Art. In Land Art the participants create all kind of art using only the materials mother nature offers you. Some of the examples we produced included clay masks, globes made of grass and wooden figurines.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is a grassroots network of young people and youth organisations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national and European level. We organise events and inspire young people to take action, on issues ranging from climate change, food and agriculture and education for sustainability – to ensure the voices of young people are heard in Europe and beyond.