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9 September 2014

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) has launched an urgent action to send economic support to Liberia in order to support the efforts for disinfectants, soaps and Ebola prevention kits to reach the affected communities

Friends of the Earth Liberia is working with partners in the country to provide community relief, support and protection against the deadly Ebola virus. Support their efforts to disseminate prevention kits to affected communities!

9 September 2014

Written by Maruška Mileta (Croatia), a member of the YFoEE Climate Justice working group and YFoEE Steering Group

27 August 2014

Written by Tale Ellingvåg And Aslak Bjørn, Board Members Of Natur Og Ungdom/Young Friends of the Earth Norway.

20 August 2014

Elena from Young Friends of the Earth Macedonia

Building our Network

8 September 2014

Written by Radostina Slavkova - Za Zemiata/Friends of the Earth Bulgaria

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is a grassroots network of young people and youth organisations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national and European level. We organise events and inspire young people to take action, on issues ranging from climate change, food and agriculture and education for sustainability – to ensure the voices of young people are heard in Europe and beyond.