Welcoming our new Steering Group

30 March 2012

We're very happy to introduce you to the new Steering Group of Young Friends of the Earth Europe, who were elected at this year's Young Friends of the Earth Europe Network Gathering in Switzerland on 25th March 2012.

Each year participants at our annual meeting have the chance to stand and be elected to join a team of volunteers whose role it is to lead and develop the Young Friends of the Earth Europe network for the next year. This year's team is: Thessa Meijlis (the Netherlands), Tage Erlend Tellnes (Norway), Paul Daly (Scotland), Maksym Kushch (Ukraine) and Susanne Hammel (Germany).

Each Steering Group member also has an alternate who replaces them when they are unable to make meetings. Our alternates for this year are Tina Rumenovic (alternate to Thessa), Ola Solberg Christoffersen (alternate to Tage), Natascha Deininger (alternate to Paul), Algirdas Svanys (alternate to Maksym) and Jutta Wieding (alternate to Susi).

Introducing clockwise from bottom right: Thessa, Natascha, Ola, Paul, Tina, Maksym, Susi and Tage at our 2012 YFoEE Network Gathering.