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17 December 2018

In November 2018, activists from all over Europe and from all walks of activist life including YFoE gathered in Brussels. We gathered under the roof of Good Food Good Farming, assembled by the hard work of the people running that campaign. Young Friends of the Earth are one of 80+ organizations who support and make up the GFGF coalition.

11 December 2018

The first steps towards an intersectional approach to our work began in 2015, when YFoEE activists identified several barriers to active engagement with our network and with wider social movements, including financial, unemployment labels, racism, patriarchal practices.

12 December 2018

The training "Transformative education tools and accessible communication to frame food sovereignty" took place from the 9th to the 12th of November 2018 in Makvärket (Denmark), near Copenhagen.

This European training gathered 20 participants from 6 European countries (Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Malta) and aimed to equip young people for engaging with rural (youth) communities on issues of food sovereignty.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is a grassroots network of young people and youth organisations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national and European level. We organise events and inspire young people to take action on issues ranging from climate change, food and agriculture and education for sustainability – to ensure the voices of young people are heard in Europe and beyond.