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13 July 2017

We interviewed Kaya Thomas, who will be running a workshop on food sovereignty at our upcoming summer camp. Check out what she had to say below!

6 July 2017

Last year, four young people from across Europe spent the summer volunteering on a cooperatively-run organic farm in Wales, learning first-hand how sustainable local farming works, and how to campaign against GMOs and pesticides at the local level. This summer, the project is back – and our first volunteer, Juta from Estonia, shares her experiences 'levelling-up' on a number of different issues in the Welsh countryside...

20 April 2017

Fostering an inclusive and diverse youth environmental movement across Africa and Europe

Iva from Young Friends of the Earth Croatia reflects on her experiences in Durban, at the first meeting in Africa of a new joint project between Young Friends of the Earth Europe, Friends of the Earth Africa and Friends of the Earth international.

Never in my life did I think I would ever end up so far away from home.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is a grassroots network of young people and youth organisations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national and European level. We organise events and inspire young people to take action on issues ranging from climate change, food and agriculture and education for sustainability – to ensure the voices of young people are heard in Europe and beyond.