Activists in Berlin call on negotiators to overcome the wall of climate inaction

17 November 2013

Berlin, 16th November

Calling climate change 'the Berlin Wall of our times', activists from Young Friends of te Earth Germany gathered at the remains of that wall to call on the negotiators at the UN climate conference in Warsaw to overcome their wall of inaction.

Standing in solidarity with the Phillipines, and all those now facing the deadly effects of human caused climate change, the activists symbolically scaled the Berlin Wall.

In addtition to binding CO2 emissions reduction targets, the climate negotiations need to deliver an effect loss and damage mechanism. This mechanism must deliver real financial support to those countries already paying the price of developed countries' inaction on climate change.

"Climate change is a planetary emergency," said Felix Heilmann, of Young Friends of the Earth, speaking in Berlin. "It is the greatest threat to biodiversity, human rights and social justice our planet has ever faced. We urgently need global solidarity to overcome this global crisis."

The action took place in Berlin as thousands of climate activists took to the streets in Warsaw to demand action on climate change.

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