Climate change killed the spring

5 May 2012

Action in Bosnia, as part of 5th May global action day

Written by Adnan Smajić, Centre for Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On May 5 2012, the world stepped up in order to raise awareness about climate change and related issues. The international action, called by, consisted of connecting dots and creating a global movement whose aim is to solve the climate crisis. The aim of the action was to bring current climate issues in the center of attention, and to show risks and consequences of extreme weather changes or as it was more accurately stated: "Because climate change is not a future problem. It is happening right now, and it is devastating communities around the world. The world needs a wake-up call, and there's no time to lose."

Our orgnanisation "Center for Environment" from Banja Luka, took part in the global action. Members designed a black dot, on which the text "Climate change killed the spring" was written, indicating issues mentioned above. Another symbolic act was a dress code consisting of sweaters, headscarves, gloves on the upper part, and shorts, slippers or sandals downwards which pointed out how we have adapted to changes unconsciously. The reason for this action is the current weather state in Banja Luka and in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even though we see in the calendar that it is spring, we do not sense it. Precipitation is uncertain, often we experience drought and rainy periods.

People are confused, we do not know what to wear, what weather to expect tomorrow. All in all we can see that weather extremes are frequent.
In this way, it has been shown that it is time for the people to understand what is happening around them, and it is our duty to raise their awareness. This action was just the beginning as further actions are being already planned. You can stay up-to-date following the news on the official web site:

Until the next action, keep connecting the dots!