Introducing our Steering Group

13 April 2018

Our network is coordinated by the Young Friends of the Earth Europe Steering Group, a group of volunteers elected during the Annual Network Gathering (our key decision-making event). Together the steering group are responsible for managing the ongoing work and development of Young FoEE, including long-term campaign strategies and goals. In addition, each member is responsible for a different area of work and supporting member groups in our network.

Read more about who is in the Steering Group, what area of work they are responsible for and how to get in touch with them.

Full Steering Group Members:

Ena Utevska, Macedonia

Ena, 21, is from Macedonia and has been actively involved with YFoEE since 2016. She is a member of both the Food & Agriculture and the Equality & Interculturalism working groups. Ena is studying Food Science and Technology, and enjoys walks in nature, singing and spending time with friends. She strives to raise awareness about environmental and social justice in her country and beyond. Contact Ena

Andreas Link, Germany

Andreas, 29, has been involved with YFoE Germany for over ten years. During this time he has been involved in activities as diverse as campaigning against the canalisation of the Danube river and renaturalising peatland, but his main topic is climate change. He has taken action with YFoEE at the COP climate summits in Paris and Bonn and is part of the Climate Justice and Communications Working Groups. A skilled photographer, if you have been following YFoEE on social media or here on our website, you've probably seen his pictures from actions and events. Outside YFoEE Andreas studies Communication Science and Politics in Berlin. Contact Andreas

Léa Oval, Scotland/France

Léa, 24, is a French artivist based in Scotland and a member of Young Friends of the Earth Scotland. She graduated with a Master's degree in Environment, Communication and Culture, and has always been highly engaged in social justice and climate justice issues.

She focuses on connecting art, eco-feminism and intersectionality (any forms of oppression on any species and communities are intertwined). Art, through films, theatre, story-telling and other creative process are great tools to create personal and societal change. In YFoEE she is part of the Equality and interculturalism working group, and a videomaker for the communication working group. Contact Léa

Maria Novitasari

Maria, 23, is a campaigner for international projects in Environmental movement 42, one of the organisations that comprises Friends of the Earth Russia. She joined the YFoEE network in 2017 as a member of the Food and Agriculture Working Group, and started actively contributing after joining the summer camp in the Netherlands. Her main interests are in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and climate policy. With Environmental movement 42 she is running a project to provide 100% renewable energy for villages in Northern Russia. Contact Maria

María Barco, Spain

María, 26, has been part of Amigos de la Tierra/Friends of the Earth Spain (La Rioja) since 2013, working as an environmental educator and a coordinator of sustainability projects in climate justice, zero waste and and food sovereignty within the School of Sustainability project. She participated in the YFoEE summer camp in Brittany, France in 2015, as well as in many other environmental exchanges in Spain. She joined the YFoEE Steering Group in 2017 at the AGM in Austria as an alternate member. She is interested in Food & Agriculture working group due to her PhD studies in agriculture and sustainable weed control, and is the contact person for the YFoEE group in Spain. Contact María

Matilde Corneliussen Løvvik, Norway

Matilde, 19, has been involved in the International Group of Natur og Ungdom / Young FoE Norway since September 2017. During her time in the group she has participated in the planning of the 2018 YFoEE AGM, as well as traveling to Bonn in Germany to observe and take action during COP23. All of the experiences with the international group as well as her exchange to Ireland last year have led to great engagement within the international climate network, and she is motivated to put time and effort into the Steering Group. Contact Matilde

Ana-Marija Mileusnić, Croatia

Ana, 27, is an activist from Zelena Akcija/ Friends of the Earth Croatia. Her main interests are feminism, ecology, youth work and environmental activism. She joined the YFoEE Network in 2017 at the AGM in Austria, where she was elected to the YFoEE Steering Group as an alternate member, before being elected as a full member at the 2018 AGM in Norway. She is also a member of the YFoEE Food & Agriculture working group. Contact Ana

Iosef Boraei, Cyprus

Iosef, 26, has been involved with Friends of the Earth Cyprus since 2015 and is a member of the Friends of the Earth Cyprus board. He is also an active member with Young FoE Cyprus and is currently running a campaign about Free Trade Agreements (CETA - TTIP - TiSA) and other local issues. Iosef is mostly interested in connecting environmental and social issues. Outside of activism, during his studies he was a member of AQUA - Water Treatment Laboratory (WTL), where he is currently an external research assistant. Together with other working groups and the YFoEE coordinator Iosef is working on fundraising and financing in the network. Contact Iosef

Alternate Steering Group Members:

Ieva Salna, Latvia

Ieva, 23, is from Latvia. She joined the world of activism through Friends of the Earth Europe School of Sustainability project in 2016, and has not only never looked back, but is also one of the people currently involved in starting up YFoE Latvia.
Ieva's interests involve social justice, environmental justice and bringing the two together through the concept of intersectionality. Outside of activism, Ieva is just about to finish her dental medicine studies and is excited to see where life takes her next. Contact Ieva

Alex, Spain

Alex, 22, is from Spain where he is a member of Friends of the Earth Aragon/Amigos de la Tierra Aragón. He joined the YFoEE network at the 2016 summer camp in Scotland. Alex is working in food sovereignty and waste in his group, and is part of the international work with young people in rural areas, together colleagues in Cyprus And Latvia. Contact Alex

Myrto Skouroupathi, Cyprus

Myrto, 24, is a volunteer with FoE Cyprus. She got involved in the fossil fuel divestment movement in London and after returning to Cyprus started campaigning on Free-Trade Agreements. She has been part of YFoEE since 2016 and has been an active member of the Food and Agriculture Working Group. Outside activism, she is working for the Cyprus Energy Agency, an NGO promoting renewable energy systems and energy efficiency." Contact Myrto