European Youth for Reclaiming the Power!

27 September 2013

Climate change is happening and humans are driving it

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's  (IPCC) latest report released today confirms that climate change caused by human emissions is not only happening but accelerating, with devastating consequences for both people and the planet!

A global alliance of movements, activists and NGOs has united to announce that the energy transformation begins right now. The alliance, stretching from grassroots organisations, national and international networks, and large NGOs on every continent declared that across October and early November they would "Reclaim Power" with a "Global Month of Action on Energy."

Protests against dirty energy companies in South Africa and Bangladesh coinciding with the release of the report, demonstrate growing public outrage at failed, dirty and harmful energy systems, particularly in light of the latest climate science. groundWork/FOE South Africa, Earthlife Africa Jhb, and Greenpeace Africa will be protesting outside the offices of South Africa's biggest polluting power generator Eskom; against their decision to build another mega coal plant. Whilst a 400km march of thousands of people coordinated by NCBD that started on Tuesday, in Bangladesh, is protesting against the construction of a new coal-fired power plant that threatens to destroy the world's largest mangrove forest.

 "All around the world people are rallying to respond to the climate emergency. We are harnessing our knowledge, our vision, our will, our compassion, and our solidarity - to fight climate change and its causes, and to build solutions that work for people and don't destroy the planet," the Reclaim Power call to action says.

Reclaim power: Global month of action on energy! Let’s make some noise!

Between October 11th and November 11th many activities will be happening globally! The month will see international days focused on dangerous and harmful energy sources as well as promoting the community renewable energy solutions needed.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe calls on European youth and youth organisations to join the Global Month of Action - let's stand up together against all forms of dirty energy and for community owned renewable alternatives!

We have joined forces with Push Europe to strenghten and amplify our voices. In order to make the Global Month as visible as possible,  we have set up a European Reclaim Power website where you can find all the information on how to join.


To help you take part, Push Europe produced a colourful action toolkit around the following key mobilisation dates in Europe:

11-19 October: Global Frackdown - Global action day against the one of the most extreme form of fossil fuel extraction.

20-27 October: People vs Coal - The dirtiest and most polluting industry is befriending governments to directly influence public decisions. Let’s make a huge noise!

28 October - 3 November: Shell, clean up your mess! - Shell failed to clean up decades of pollution in the Niger Delta, we need to stand with the most affected communities

4-11 November: Community Power

But of course, you don't need to follow the action toolkit stricly - other topics and action ideas are more than welcome! You can find more resources here.

For other key dates worldwide please see and for more details about these particular topics see


European map of actions

In order to map all the activities happening around Europe during the Global Month of Action, we want to collect photos and/or videos from actions you are planning to do. You can submit them either via email at: or direcly onto the website.

There is also a global map of actions, so whatever you plan in the coming weeks, please add to the map on the global website:


Steps after the Global Month of action

Immediately after the Month, the UN climate talks begin in Warsaw, Poland (11 - 22 November). We will make sure that the decision makers hear the youth voices and the voices of people from all over the world, especially the most vulnerable communities. We will loudly expose Poland's love affair with dirty corporations and push th EU to step up its ambition.

Join us in reclaiming the power and help spread the word - we all need to stand together and fight for a just and sustainable world!