Global call on banks to halt loan to Dakota Access Pipeline

1 December 2016

Open letter of 500+ civil society organisations demands immediate halt to financing the DAPL

Young Friends of the Earth Europe has joined more than 500+ civil society organisations from more than 50 countries in sending a joint open letter to the seventeen banks providing a US$2.5 billion project loan to Dakota Access LLC. This letter, endorsed by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, demands that the banks involved immediately halt all further disbursements of the loan and require the project sponsor to stop construction work until all outstanding issues are resolved to the full satisfaction of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The letter and the full list of signatories can be found below.

Note: this post was  originally posted on the BankTrack website available here.


Open Letter To:

Mr. Takashi Oyamada, CEO Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ,

Mr. Michael Corbat, CEO Citigroup,

Mr. Nobuhide Hayashi, CEO Muziho,

Mr. Bharat Masrani , CEO TD Bank,

Mr. Johannes-Jörg Riegler, CEO BayernLB,

Mr. Carlos Torres Vila, CEO BBVA,

Mr. Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO BNP Paribas,

Mr. Philippe Brassac, CEO Crédit Agricole S.A.,

Mr. Rune Bjerke, CEO DnB Norway,

Mr. Jiang Jianqing, CEO ICBC,

Mr. Ralph Hamers, CEO ING,

Mr. Carlo Messina, CEO Intesa Sanpaolo,

Mr. Laurent Mignon, CEO Natixis,

Mr. Takeshi Kunibe, CEO SMBC,

Mr. Frédéric Oudéa, CEO Société Générale,

Mr. William H. Roger Jr., CEO SunTrust,

Mr. Timothy Sloan, CEO Wells Fargo,


Concerning: Halt your support to the Dakota Access Pipeline

November 30th 2016


Dear Sirs,

The undersigned organizations are writing to you to share our deep concern about your participation in a credit agreement led by Citibank with Dakota Access LLC and Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company LLC, to borrow up to $2.5 billion to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline in the United States.

As you are aware, the proposed 1,172 mile-long DAPL is the subject of a huge international outcry, led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, but supported by the tribal governments of over 280 other tribes and allies from all over the world. This growing global resistance opposes DAPL because the pipeline trajectory is cutting through Native American sacred territories and unceded Treaty lands, and because it threatens air and water resources in the region and further downstream.

Since last April, an ever growing number of Native water protectors and their thousands of allies have converged peacefully at Standing Rock in the pipeline construction area to halt further construction of the project. In response to this strictly-peaceful, on-site resistance, police from multiple U.S. states and agencies, members of the U.S. National Guard, and armed private security forces working for project sponsors have used military equipment, tactics and weapons to intimidate, assault, arrest and otherwise commit grievous human rights violations against water protectors and their allies. Indiscriminate use of attack dogs, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tazers and mace are reported, while journalists covering the assault have been arrested. The violence unleashed on the protesters by security forces has already left hundreds severely injured. Last week, protesters were attacked with water cannons used in sub-zero temperatures, leading to life threatening situations. One protester faces a possible amputation of her arm after being hit with a concussion grenade. Protesters that have been arrested have also been subjected to inhumane treatment that involved, among other things, being locked up naked, or cramped without food and warmth into dog kennels.

As the loan syndicate is led by four banks that are signatory to the Equator Principles, this project loan is subject to these Principles. Given that Indigenous rights commitments are presumed to be respected by the Principles, specifically the right of indigenous communities to withhold consent to projects affecting their ancestral lands (FPIC), it is for us inexplicable that the clear and long standing opposition to the project by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, as well as widely documented gross violations of Native land titles, threats to water sources and the desecration of burial grounds have not been identified early on as reasons for participating banks to not provide funding for this project. Harm to Native areas has now already occurred when DAPL personnel deliberately desecrated documented burial grounds and other culturally important sites. Native American opponents to the project have emphasized throughout that the DAPL struggle is about larger Native liberation, self-determination and survival at the hands of colonial corporations and compliant government actors.

The undersigned organizations are closely watching how the banks providing financial support to the project are acting on the ever worsening situation on the ground, including your bank.Given your stated commitment to respect indigenous rights and the contrast with the harsh reality on the ground we demand that:

1.all further loan disbursements to the project are immediately put on hold;

2.banks involved in the loan demand from the project sponsor that all construction of the pipeline and all associated structures is put on hold until all outstanding issues are resolved to the full satisfaction of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; case such a resolution of outstanding issues is not achieved with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, your bank fully withdraws from the loan agreement;

4.a public statement is made by your bank on how you will act on the issues identified above.

We all stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in defending their ancestral lands from the impact of this project and are fully prepared to take further campaign steps in case we consider your response on this call unsatisfactory. Given the urgency of the matter we seek a response from you on this letter as soon as possible, but no later than December 5.



BankTrack, Netherlands - Johan Frijns, Director

1Earth Institute INC, United States - Eva Willmann de Donlea, Executive Director & Co-Founder

350 Central Maine, United States - Richard Thomas, Co-leader

350 Colorado, United States - Micah Parkin, Executive Director

350 Louisiana, United States - Renate Heurich, Co-founder

350 Maine, United States - Sarah Lachance, Extreme Energy and Solutions Team Coordinator

350 San Antonio, United States - Kathy Glass, Representative, United Kingdom - Nicolò Wojewoda, Europe Team Leader Belgium, Belgium - An, Co-founder France, France - Clémence Dubois, Campaigner Japan, Japan - Shin Furuno, Japan Divestment Campaigner, United States - Rosemary Carey, President

Acción por la Biodiversidad, Argentina - Carlos Vicente, Coordinador

Accountability Counsel, United States - Natalie Bridgeman Fields, Executive Director

Action Non-Violente COP21, France - Jon Palais, Équipe d'animation

ActionAid Netherlands, Netherlands - Ruud van den Hurk, Director

Advocacy Action Group St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, United States - Peter Sergienko, Co-chair

Advocates for Springfield, NY, United States - Tara Sumner, Vice President

AFM Local 1000, United States - John O'Connor, Secretary Treasurer Emeritus

Agricultural Missions, Inc, United States - Mikhiela Sherrod, Executive Director

AKIN, Austria - Matthias Neitsch, Treasurer

Aktionsgruppe Indianer & Menschenrechte e.V., Germany - Monika Seiller, Chair person

Alaska Wilderness League, United States - Leah Donahey, Senior Campaign Director

Aldeah, France - Raquel Neyra, Member

Almáciga, Spain - Eva Sáinz, Coordinadora

Alofa Tuvalu, France - Gilliane Le Gallic, President

Alternatiba, France - Fanny Delahalle, Representant

Alternativa intercanvi pobles indígenes, Spain - Esther, Project Management

Amazon Watch, United States - Christian Poirier, Program Director

Amigos de la Tierra (FoE Spain), Spain - Hector de Prado, Head of climate and energy unit

Andy Gheorghiu Consulting, Germany - Andy Gheorghiu, Owner

Arctic Consult, Norway - Dmitry Berezhkov, Director

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, Thailand - Joan Carling, Secretary General

ASNAI, Germany - Grit Steenbergen, Member

Asociación de Cultura Popular Alborada, Spain - Ángel López, President

Asociación Perifèries del Món, Spain - Rafael Maurí Victoria, Presidente

ATTAC CADTM Maroc, Morocco - Omar Aziki, General Secretary

Attac France, France - Maxime Combes, Spokerperson

BALLE, United States - Sandy Wiggins, Chairman

Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary - Ákos Klein, Managing director

Bassetlaw against fracking, United Kingdom - David Larder, Chairman

Batani Indigenous Foundation, Russia - Pavel Sulyandziga, Chair of the Board

Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, United States - Michael Eisenscher, Coordinator

BBVAren aurkako Plataforma /Plataforma contra el BBVA, Basque Country - Martin Mantxo, Coordinator

Bergen Save the Watershed Action Network, United States - Lori Charkey, Director

Beyond Extreme Energy, United States - Gabriel Shapiro, Organizer

Bi lebenswertes Korbach e.V., Germany - Andy Gheorghiu, Member of Board

BI Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg, Germany - Günter Hermeyer, Board Member

Biofuelwatch, United States - Rachel Smolker, Codirector

Birgit Breuer Huforthopädie, Germany - Birgit Breuer, CEO

Bisbee & Cochise People for Community and Environmental Rights, United States - Maggie Kohanek, Organizer

Bizi!, Basque Country - Jon Palais, Groupe international

Bold Alliance, United States - Jane Kleeb, President

Bold Iowa, United States - Ed Fallon, Director

Bold Louisiana, United States - Cherri Foytlin, Director

Bold Nebraska, United States - Amy Schaffer, Director

Bold Oklahoma, United States - Mekasi Camp, Director

Bootshaus Zeuthener See, Germany - Hartmut Zeeb, Owner

Boston Impact Initiative, United States - Deborah Frieze, Founding Partner

Both ENDS, Netherlands - Danielle Hirsch, Director

BP or not BP?, United Kingdom - Danny Chivers, Co-founder

Bread of Life Church, USA - Mike Little, Pastor

Brighton Action Against Fracking, United Kingdom - Atlanta Cook, Equal

Brighton Downlanders, United Kingdom - Charlie Flint, Secretary

Bruno Manser Fund, Switzerland - Johanna Michel, Campaigner

Buffalo Nickel, United States - Thomas Ryan RedCorn, CEO

BUND Berlin e.V, Germany - Matthias Krümmel, Consultant for climate protection policies

BUND Naturschutz in Bayern (Friends of the Earth Bavaria), Germany - Richard Mergner, Director, Policy

Bürgerinitiative gegen CO2-Endlager e,V., Germany - Karin Petersen, Vorstand

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, United States - Jessica Daniel, Director of Fellowship

Cadena de Derechos Humanos Honduras, Germany - Daniela Dreissig, PR Coordinator

CADTM, International - Rémi, CADTM

Carson Connected, United States - Lori Noflin, Volunteer / Founder

Casabel, Belgium - Pauline Delgrange, Lawyer

CAUGE, Scotland - Janette McGowan, Member

C-CARE (Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy), United States - Kenneth Fogarty, Chairperson

Center for Biological Diversity, United States - Valerie Love, Clean Energy Campaigner

Center for Economic Democracy, United States - Aaron Tanaka, Director

Center for Environment/Friends of the Earth BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Igor Kalaba, Energy and Climate Change Program Coordinator

Center for International Environmental Law, United States - Carla Garcia Zendejas, Director, People, Land & Resources Program

Center for Justice, United States - Rick Eichstaedt, Executive Director

Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North, Russia - Rodion Sulyandziga, Director

Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos "Segundo Montes Mozo S.J." (CSMM), Ecuador - Susana Peñafiel Acosta, Coordinadora General

CGT Saysep Palencia Spain, Spain - Javier Escudero, Coordinator

Chenango CDOGG (Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas Drilling Opposition Group), United States - Daniel Taylo, Member

Chichester Antifracking Forum, United Kingdom - John Houston, Owner admin

Chino Cienega Foundation, United States - Stephen Nichols, President

Citizen Action of New York, United States - Bob Cohen, Policy Director

Citizen United for Renewable Energy (CURE), United States - Georgina Shanley, Co-Founder

Class Action, United States - Anne Phillips, Executive Director

Clean Air Council, United States - William Fraser, Outreach coordinator

Clean Water Action, United States - Jennifer Peters, National Water Programs Director

Climate Justice Program, Sweden - Karl Andreasson, Co-Founder & Trainer

Climate Justice Project, United States - Julie Maldonado, Member

Climate Movement of Denmark, Denmark - Thomas Meinert Larsen, Spokesperson

ClimateMama, United States - Harriet Shugarman, Executive Director

CliMates,, Switzerland - Alexandra Gavilano, Founder, Project leader

Climaximo, Portugal - Sinan Eden, Member

Coalition Beauce -Etchemin, Canada - Claude C. Lachapelle, President

Coalition Marocaine pour la Justice Climatique, Morocco - Noura El Ouardi, Coordinator

CoFED (Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive), United States - Hnin Hnin, Co-Director

Collectif 07 Stop au gaz et Huile de Schiste, France - Christophe Tourre, Coordinator

Collectif 38 France STOP Hydrocarbures GHRM, France - bruno Morant, Référent

Collectif Causse Méjean - Gaz de Schiste NON!, France - Tardy, Member

Collectif relais d'informations et actions citoyennes, France - Bob Pilli, President

Collectif Roosevelt, France - Bruno Lamour, President

Columbus Community Bill of Rights, United States - Greg Pace, Co-founder

Comité Citoyens et Citoyennes pour la Protection de l'Environnement Maskoutain, Canada - Jacques Tétreault, Président

Comité citoyens sur les gaz de schiste Victoriaville, Canada - Alain Guillon, Président cordonateur régional du RVHQ

Comite de citoyens responsables de Becancour, Canada - Yves Mailhot, Member

Community Allies, United States - Ellen Shepard, CEO

Community Empowerment and Social Justice (CEmSoJ) Foundation, Nepal - Prabindra Shakya, Chairperson

Community Reinvest, United Kingdom - Joel Benjamin, Director

Community Sourced Capital, United States - Rachel Maxwell, CEO

Complete It Cuomo, United States - Christine Macpherson, Founder

Compressor Free Franklin, United States - Donald Hebbard, President / Founding Member

Concerned Burlington Neighbors, United States - Suzy WInkler, Co-founder

Concerned Citizens of Otego, United States - Dennis Higgins, Secretary

Concerned Citizens Ohio, United States - Gwen Fischer, Co-cordinator

Concerned Residents of Oxford, NY, United States - Trellan Smith, Co-founder

Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, United States - Sister Sally Ann Brickner, Coordinator of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Consultants for Sustainable Development, Hungary - Kinga Horváth, Co-chair

Corporate Europe Observatory, Belgium - Pascoe Sabido, Researcher and Campaigner

Croatan Institute, United States - Joshua Humphreys, President

Crude Accountability, United States - Kate Watters, Executive Director

CSIA-Nitassinan, France - Edith Patrouilleau, Co-founder and vice-president

Cultural Survival, United States - Suzanne Benally, Executive Director

Daily Kos, United States - Mara Schechter, Campaign Director

dangerous drums / dub interventions / KKDWberlin, Germany - Corin Arnold, Self employed initiator of all

Debt Resistance UK, United Kingdon - Ludovica Rogers, Co-ordination group member

Defund DAPL, Oceti Sakowin - Adam Elfers, Co-Founder

Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement, United Kingdom - Amanda Root, Member

Disclosure Network New York, United States - Nick Curto, Director & Co-Founder

Divest Aachen, Germany - Gary Evans, Organizer

Divest Uni Kassel, Germany - Kerstin L, Member

DivestInvest Individual, United States - Vanessa Green, Director

DivestInvest Philanthropy, United States - Clara Vondrich, Director

Don't Gas the Pinelands, United States - Dr Bob Allen, Co-Chair

Earth Action, United States - Mary Gutierrez, Executive Director

Earth Care, United States - Bianca Sopoci-Belknap, Executive Director

Earth First UK, United Kingdom - Sylvestre, Collective member

Earth Guardians, United States - Russell Mendell, Campaign Coordinator

Earth in Brackets, United States - Rachael Goldberg, Member

Earth Peoples, International - Rebecca Sommer, President

Ecologistas en Acción, Spain - Samuel Martín-Sosa, International Coordinator

EcoNexus, United Kingdom - Helena Paul, Co-Director

ECOTERRA Africa, Tanzania - Prof. J. Bauer, CEP & PDG

ECOTERRA e.V., Germany - Angelika Lotz, Spokesperson

ECOTERRA Intl., Germany - Dr. Hans-Juergen Duwe, Speaker

Ecumenical Office for Peace and Justice, Germany - ,

Eerlijke Bankwijzer, Netherlands - Peter Ras, Projectleader

EKBO Evangelische Kirche, Germany - Johanna Melchior, Pastor

Ekologistak Martxan, Basque Country - Martin Mantxo, Responsable de Internacional

Elmirans & Friends Against Fracking, United States - Doug Couchon, Co-founder

Embrey Family Foundation, United States - Lauren Embrey, CEO/President

End Ecocide on Earth, France - Valérie Cabanes, Spokeperson

Energy Democracy Project, United Kingdom - Sakina Sheikh, Campaigner

Entrepueblos/Entrepobles/Entrepobos/Herriarte, Catalonia - Àlex Guillamón, Coordinator

Environmental Commission of the Epsiscopal Diocese of Oregon, United States - Peter Sergienko, Convener

Environmental Institute of Munich, Germany - Christina Hacker, Member of the board of directors

Equal Exchange, United States - phyllis robinson, Education and Campaigns

Equivicentinos, Portugal - Nídia Barata, Manager

ETC Group, Mexico - Silvia Ribeiro, Latin America Director

Euromeeting - European Support Groups for Indigenous Peoples in North America, Switzerland - Helena Nyberg, Member

European Water Movement, Europe - Thierry Uso, Communication officer

Executive Coaching, United States - Karen Metzger, Principle

ExtrACTION Topical Group, SfAA, United States - Jeanne Simonelli, Convenor

EYDAP S.A., Greece - Ilias Gerolymatos, Advisor

Facing Finance e.V., Germany - Thomas Kuechenmeister, Managing Director

Fair Finance France, France - Alexandre Naulot, Coordinator

FairFin, Belgium - Frank Vanaerschot, Research coordinator

Fern, Belgium - Julia Christian, Forest Governance Campaigner

Films for the Earth, Switzerland - Kai Pulfer, CEO

Finance & Trade Watch, Austria - Thomas Wenidoppler, Director

First Nations Oweesta Corporation, United States - Chrystel Cornelius, Executive Director

FÍS NUA, Ireland - C. Williams, Spokesperson

Focus, Slovenia - Živa Kavka Gobbo, Chair

Focus on the Global South, Thailand - Shalmali Guttal, Executive Director

Food & Water Europe, Belgium - Frida Kieninger, Campaign Officer

Food & Water Watch, United States - Hugh MacMillan, Senior Researcher

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, United States - Hannah Brancato, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Forest Peoples Programme, United Kingdom - Tom Griffiths, Responsible Finance Coordinator

Former California State Senate Candidate, United States - Jack Lindblad, Founder

Fossielvrij NL, Netherlands - Liset Meddens, National coordinator

Fossil Free Amsterdam, Netherlands - Sven Jense, Initiator

Fossil Free Augsburg, Germany - Christian Schön, Campaigner

Fossil Free Berlin, Germany - Meike Schützek, Volunteer

Fossil Free Erlangen, Germany - Christian Eichenmüller, Chairperson

Fossil Free Freiburg, Germany - Tamara Nausner, Member

Fossil Free Lund University, Sweden - Ruth Kruger, Member

Fossil Free München, Germany - Maiken Winter, Member

Fossil Free Münster, Germany - Leandra Praetzel, Member

Fossil Free Oldenburg, Germany - Anna Deckert, Member

Fossil Free SOAS, United Kingdom - Julia Christian, Campaigner

Fossil Free Strathclyde, United Kingdom - Mathieu Munsch, Campaign organiser

Fossil Free Stuttgart, Germany - Carolin Jaschek, PR

Fossil Free Uppsala, United Kingdom / Sweden - Guy Finkill, President

Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, United States - Greta Neubauer, Director

Fossil Free The Hague, Netherlands - Femke Sleegers, Campaiger/coordinator

Foundation Article 25, Poland - Aleksandra Antonowicz-Cyglicka, Chairperson

Frack Free Lancashire, United Kingdom - Ian Roberts, Member

Frack Free Mickle Trafford, United Kingdom - Stephen Allman, Part of the community group

Frack Free North East England, United Kingdom - Edith Carli, Support

Frack Free Storrington and West Chiltington, United Kingdom - Martin Dale, Admin

Frack Free Sussex, United Kingdom - Ellie Wyatt, Chairman

Frack Free Upton, United Kingdom - Joanne Sparke, Member

Frack Free Wales, Wales - Keith M Ross, Co-ordinator

Frack Free Worthing, United Kingdom - Steve Nethercott-Cable, Chairman

Frack Off London, United Kingdom - Lorraine Inglis, Campaigner

FrackFree Malpas, United Kingdom - Giles Tayler, Founder

Frackfreesomerset, United Kingdom - Andy Andrews, Volunteer

Framtiden i våre hender, Norway - Gustavo Parra de Andrade, Project manager

France Libertes - Fondation Danielle Mitterrrand, France - Marion Veber, Program leader

Franciscan Action Network, United States - Jason Miller, Director of Campaigns

Frente de Defensa de Cajamarca, Peru - Nicanor Alvarado, Member

Freshwater Accountability Project, United States - Lea Harper, Managing Director

Freshwaters Illustrated, United States - Jeremy Monroe, Director

Freunde der Naturvölker e.V. (German section of fPcN - friend of Peoples close to Nature), Germany - Bernd Wegener, Chairman

Friends of Peoples close to Nature (fPcN-interCultural), Switzerland - Friedericke Bienert, Speaker

Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium - Colin Roche, Extractive Industries Campaigner

Friends of the Earth Germany, Germany - Prof. Dr. Hubert Weiger, President

Friends of the Earth International, Global - Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice & Energy Program Coordinator

Friends of the Earth Japan, Japan - Hozue Hatae, Development Finance and Environment Team

Friends of the Earth NL / Milieudefensie, Netherlands - Evert Hassink, Sr. campaigner energy

Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scotland - Mary Church, Head of Campaigns

Friends of the Earth US, United States - Doug Norlen, Director, Economic Policy Program

Friends of the Landless - Finland, Finland - Taru Salmenkari, Board member

Friends of the Siberian Forests, Russia - Andrey Laletin, Chairman

Fund for Democratic Communities, United States - Marnie Thompson, Co-Managing Director

Fundación M´Biguá, Ciudanía y Justicia Ambiental, Argentina - Jorge Oscar Daneri, Abogado

Fundación para el desarrollo alternativo Jenzera, Colombia - Efraín Jaramillo, Director

Fundacja "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE", Poland - Kuba Gogolewski, Deputy Director

Future instead of coal / Zukunft statt Kohle, Switzerland - Markus Keller, President

GABRIELA Washington, D.C., United States - Jo Quiambao, Secretary-General

GAIA - Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, United States - Christie Keith, International Coordinator

GegenStroemung - CounterCurrent, Germany - Heike Drillisch, Board 

GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice, Germany - Lisa Goeldner, Project Coordinator

Glasgow University Climate Action, Scotland - Isabella Nilsen, Co-ordinator

Global Climate Convergence, United States - Timeka Drew, Coordinator

Global Justice Now, United Kingdom - Kevin Smith, Press officer

Global Witness, United States - Zorka Milin, Senior Legal Advisor

GRAIN, International - LB, Researcher

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, United States - Cindy Wiesner, National Coordinator

Greater Bristol Alliance, United Kingdom - Alison Allan, Chair

Green America, United States - Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director

Green Blob, United Kingdom - Stephen Jackson, Owner

Green Sanctuary Committee, CCNY, UU, United States - Gusti Bogok, Chair

GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association, Hungary - Edina Vadovics, President

GreenLatinos, United States - Mark Magana, President & CEO

Greenpeace France, France - Jean-François Julliard, Executive director

Greenpeace International, International (based in the Netherlands) - Daniel Mittler, Political Director

Greenpeace Netherlands, Netherlands - Joris Thijssen, Executive Director

Greenpeace USA, United States - Annie Leonard, Executive Director

Greensboro Mural Project, United States - Alyzza May, Organizer

GroenFront!, Netherlands - Karel Boom, Member

Grupo de Apoio aos Jovens Indigenas do MS, Brazil, Brazil - Maria de Lourdes Beldi de Alcantara, President

Guernsey County Citizens Support on Drilling Issues, United States - Greg Pace, Administrator / Founder

Healing Revolution, United States - Jeff Ethan Au Green, Chief Executive Organizer

Health, Scotland - Caroline McManus, Direct contact

Highlander Research and Education Center, United States - Susan Williams, Education team

Hip Hop Caucus, United States - Nakisa Glover, National Climate Justice Organizer

Historischer Westernverein Hameln und German Internet Radio Association, Germany - Uwe Klinge, Moderator und Reporter

HondurasDelegation, Germany - Daniela Dreissig, person responsible for press and lobby

HOPE (Heal Our Planet Earth), United States - Cathy Spofford, Facilitator

Human Rights 3000 / Menschenrechte 3000 e.V., Germany - Gudrun Wippel, Board Member

Human Rights-Racial Justice Center, United States - King Downing, Founder

Hungarian Climate Alliance, Hungary - Csaba Lajtmann, Executive

ICRA International, France - Hervé Valentin, Chargé de mission

Idle no more, Germany - Gabriele Weber, Member

Inclusive Development International, United States - David Pred, Managing Director

Incomindios, Switzerland - Lorenz Häberli, CEO

Indigenous Concerns Resource Center , Kenya - Ben Koissaba, Team Leader

Indigenous World Association, United States - Petuuche Gilbert, President

INOCHI / Safe Energy Project, United States - Claire Greensfelder, Director

Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie e.V. (INFOE), Germany - Johannes Rohr, Member of the board

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, United States - Ben Lilliston, Director of Climate Strategies

Institute for Policy Studies, Global Economy Project, United States - John Cavanagh, Director

Intal, Belgium - Korneel De Rynck, Volunteer

International Accountability Project, International - Ryan Schlief, Executive Director

International Foundation for Indigenous Development "BATANI", Russia - Pavel Sulyandziga, Chair of the Board

International Indian Treaty Council, International - Andrea Carmen, Executive Director

International Rivers, United States - Monti Aguirre, Latin America Program Coordinator

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), Denmark - Kathrin Wessendorf, Climate Program Coordinator

Irreducible Productions, United States - Michael Gogins, Composer

Isle de Jean Charles, United States - Albert Naquin, Chief

IWGIA, Denmark - Alejandro Parellada, Programe coordinator

Kalikasan - People's Network for the Environment, Philippines - Leon Dulce, Campaign Coordinator

Keep Billingshurst Frack Free, United Kingdom - Martin Dale, Admin

Keep Ireland Fracking Free, Ireland - Charlie, Spokesperson

Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green, United Kingdom - Jill Sutcliffe, Chair

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, United States - Heather Warman, Executive Director

Khalif A. Williams Consulting, United States - Khalif Williams, Owner

Kleiner Fratz GmbH, Germany - Grit Nierich, Management

Közép-magyarországi Zöld Kör, Hungary - Klara Kis, Program officer

KyotoUSA, United States - Tom Kelly, Executive Director

LAQAF, Canada - Albert Geuzaine, President

Late Bloom Farm, United States - Kristin Pursell, Co-owner

Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO), Germany - Kjell Kühne, Founder

Les Amis de la Terre France - FoE France, France - Lucie Pinson, Finance campaigner

LES People's Federal Credit Union, United States - Linda Levy, CEO

Liberate Tate, United Kingdom - Kevin Smith, Member

Liberty Tree Foundation, United States - Ben Manski, President

Lifted Voices, United States - Kelly Hayes, Co-founder

Little Coloradro River Watershed Cha Association (LCRWCA), Navajo Nation - Kern Collymore, Senior Youth Coordinator

Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network, United States - Mary Hufford, Director, Arts and Humanities

Local 1000, United States - Tret Fure, President

Local Futures/ISEC, United States - Sean Keller, Outreach Coordinator

LPSG, germany - Christine Brelowski, Member

MANA, France - Mignotte, Founder

Mangrove Action Project, United States - Alfredo Quarto, Co-director

Markets For Change, Australia - Peg Putt, Chief Executive Officer

Markwells Wood Watch, United Kingdom - Emily Mott, Founder

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, United States - Chloe Schwabe, Faith Economy Ecology Program Director

Medact, United Kingdom - David McCoy, Director

Medicine Tribe Water Warriors, United States - Michelle Gottreich , Founder

MGE, United States - Albert Mitchell, Vice President Sales

MGPA, Australia - Robyn King, Member

Migrante Washington DC, United States - Jhong Dela Cruz, Chairperson

Milford Doers/Residents of Crumhorn, United States - Otto Butz , Founder

Milieudefensie - Friends of the Earth Netherlands, Netherlands - Freek Kallenberg, Campaigns manager

MiningWatch Canada, Canada - Catherine Coumans, Co-Manager

Molly P Hauck, Ph.D., LLC, United States - Molly P Hauck, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, President

Move Your Money UK, United Kingdom - Fionn Travers-Smith, Campaign Manager

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Nigeria - Legborsi Saro Pyagbara, President

Ms. Foundation for Women, United States - Teresa Younger, CEO and President

Musée de l'Homme, France - Duda Romain, PhD

Naropa University Sustainability Council, United States - Jeff Ethan Au Green, Member

National Association of Professional Environmentalists, Uganda - Frank Muramuzi, Executive Director

National Lawyers Guild, United States - Robin Martinez, Midwest Region Vice President

National Society of Conservationists - Friends of the Earth Hungary, Hungary - István Farkas, Executive president

National Toxics Network, Australia - Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith, Senior Advisor

National Young Farmers Coalition: Catskills, United States - tianna kennedy, President

Native Oganizers Alliance, United States - Judith LeBlanc, Director

Natur og Ungdom (Young Friends of the Earth Norway), Norway - Ingrid Skjoldvær, Chair

NDPoint Strategies, United States - Nikki Daruwala, President

NEA, United States - Elizabeth Brown, Member

Nebenrolle Natur, Switzerland - Marius Lochbihler, Vice-President

New Economy Project, United States - Deyanira Del Rio, Co-Executive Director

New Energy Economy, United States - Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director

New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness Network, United States - David Moloney, Chairman

New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, United States - Joan Brown, osf, Executive Director

New Mexico Story Power, United States - Maya Rommwatt, Editor, United States - Rebecca Em Campbell, Principal

No Canton Gas Pipeline, United States - Jennifer Wexler, Founding member

No Fracking in Balcombe Society, United Kingdom - Charles Metcalfe, Member

No Sharon Gas Pipeline, United States - Birgitta McAlevey, President

NOOSFERA, Tajikistan - Tatiana Novikova, Project coordinator

Northern New Mexico Climate Activists, United States - Nomi Green, Coordinator

Northwest Watershed Institute, United States - Peter Bahls, Executive Director

Norwegian Saami Association, Norway - Beaska Niillas, Chairman

Nostromo Research, United Kingdom -  Roger Moody, Director

Notre affaire à tous, France - Marie Toussaint, President

NTFP Exchange Programme, Philippines - Femy Pinto, Asia Executive Director

OBRA (One Billion Rising Austria), Austria - Kazuko Kurosaki, Head of the association

Observatorio de Multinacionales en America Latina - Paz con Dignidad, Spain - Erika Gonzalez, Resercher

Occupy Democracy London, United Kingdom - George Barda, Member

ODG, Catalonia - Alfons Pérez, Member

Oil Change International, United States - Stephen Kretzmann, Executive Director

ONCA, United Kingdom - Laura Coleman, Director

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, United States - Kelly Campbell, Executive Director

OTN-Hydroconsult, Netherlands - Teunis H. op ten Noort, Director

Our Revolution, United States - Shannon Jackson, Executive Director

OVEC (Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition), United States - Vivian Stockman, Vice Director

Pacific Environment, United States - Alex Levinson, Executive Director

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, Pakistan - Saeed Baloch, General Secretary

Partnership for Global Justice, United States - JoAnn Mark, Executive Director

Peacemakers of Schoharie County, United States - Wayne Stinson, Action Committee lead

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, United States - Rev. Douglas Hunt, Vice President

People & Planet, United Kingdom - Andrew Taylor, Co-Director, Campaigns & Communications

People of Albany United for Safe Energy - PAUSE, United States - Diana Wright, Facilitator

People, Not Pipelines, United States - Colleen McKinney, Co-founder

Perkumpulan Prakarsa, Indonesia - Victoria F, Research manager

Plane Stupid, United Kingdom - All of us, no roles / no positions

Plataforma Algarve Livre de Petróleo, Portugal - Rosa Guedes, Member

Plataforma Ciudadana Zaragoza sin Fractura, Spain - Juan Carlos Gracia, Member of the board

Plataforma Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo (PIDHDD), Ecuador - Pablo A. de la Vega M., Coordinador Regional

Platform, United Kingdom - Mika Minio-Paluello, Campaigner

Plymouth Friends of Clean Water, United States - Peter Hudiburg, Founder

Power Shift Network, United States - Lydia Avila, Executive Director

PowerShift, Germany - Michael Reckordt, Member

Preservar Algarve, Portugal - Celine Jacinto Rodrigues, Coordinator

Pro REGENWALD, Germany - Hermann, Coordinator

Project21, Switzerland - Marie-Claire Graf, Executive board

Protect Orange County, United States - Pramilla Malick, Chair

Protect the Forest, Sweden, Sweden - Elin Götmark, Spokesperson

Protect the planet, Germany - Dorothea Sick-Thies , Founder

PUSH Sweden, Sweden - Ahmed Al-Qassam, President

Radical Independence Campaign East Kilbride, Scotland - Frances Sinclair, Campaign and event co-ordinator

RAFT, United States - Ann Law, Member

Rainforest Action Network, United States - Amanda Starbuck, Climate & Energy Program Director

Raus aus der Steinkohle, Germany - Michael, Head

Re:Common, Italy - Elena Gerebizza, Energy campaigner

Reclaim The Power, United Kingdom

Reflex Environmental Association, Hungary - Ferenc Horváth, Executive

Regroupement vigilance hydrocarbures Québec, Canada - Odette Sarrazin, Désinvestir

Renourish, United States - Eric Benson, Founder

RepaNet Austria, Austria - Matthias Neitsch, Managing Director

Réseau Action Climat France, France - Morgane Créach, Director

Residents Action on Fylde Fracking (RAFF), United Kingdom - Ian Roberts, Chairman

Resolution Meida Fund, United States - mark Lichty, Board member

Resource Generation, United States - Jessie Spector, Executive Director

Retenergie Coop, Italy - Daniela Patrucco, Vice-presidente

Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens, United States - William Clark, President

River Network, United States - Nicole Silk, President

River Source Inc., United States - Richard Schrader, Director

Robin Wood, Germany - Philip Bedall, Energy Campaigner

Rochester Defense Against Fracking, United States - Patricia Chana Lunior, Stop all Pipelines

Roxbury Arts Group, United States - David Capps, President, Board of Directors

RVHQ, Canada - Den Des, Coordonateur

Sacred Stone Camp, Oceti Sakowin - Oceti Sakowin, Supporter

Sacred Stone Camp UK Solidarity Network, United Kingdom - Suzanne Dhaliwal, Member of the collective

Salva la Selva, Spain - Klaus Schenk, Director

Samiparliament, sweden  - Stefan Mikaelsson , Chairperson

SAPE, United States - Susan McDonnell, Co-founder

Save The Hills Alliance, Inc., United States - Cheryl Miller, President

SaveGreekWater, Greece - Maria Kanellopoulou, Coordinator

SCALE, Incorporated, United States - Anthony Flaccavento, President

Sekes For Public Athens Water Company, Greece - Petros Basteas, Member of Secretariat, Greece - Mastorakis Manolis, Member of the Secretarial

ShareAction, United Kingdom - Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive

Sheffield People & Planet, United Kingdom - Chris Saltmarsh, Fossil Free Co-ordinator

Sierra Club, United States - Nicole Ghio, Senior Campaign Representative

Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, United States - Nora M. Nash, Director Corporate Social Responsibility

Skydda Skogen - Protect the Forest, Sweden - Elsabritt Calamnius, Member of committee

Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development Liberia, Liberia - Daniel Krakue, Director

Society for threatened peoples e.V., Germany - Tanja Lehmann, Activist

Society for Threatened Peoples Switzerland, Switzerland - Christoph Wiedmer, Co-Director

Society for Threatened Peoples/Germany, Germany - Yvonne Bangert, Indigenous Peoples Dpt.

SOS Liverpool Plains, Australia - Nicola Chirlian, Committee

SpeziaPolis, Italy - daniela patrucco, Owner

SpeziaViaDalCarbone, Italy - Daniela Patrucco, Speaker

Split This Rock, United States - Sarah Browning, Executive Director

Spokane Riverkeeper, United States - Jerry White Jr., Director

Stand for Mauna Kea, United States - Cha Smith, Member

Stichting Schaliegasvrij Nederland, Netherlands - Ko van Huissteden, Chair

Stop Ecocide, Netherlands - Katy Olivia van Tergouw, Directer

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline, United States - Becky Meier, Co-Founder

Stop Petroleo Vila do Bispo, Portugal - Ana Carla Cabrita, Member

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, United States - Suzannah Glidden, Co-founder

StopNED, United States - Cathy Kristofferson, Co-founder

Story of Stuff Project, United States - Michael O'Heaney, Executive Director

Sullivan Area Citizens for Responsible Energy Development. (SACRED), United States - Larysa Dyrszka MD, Co-founder

Sussex,Hampshire,Awareness,Fracking,Trust. (ed), United Kingdom - Stephen Jackson, Owner

Sustainable Economies Law Center, United States - Chris Tittle, Director of Organizational Resilience; President

Sustainable Endowments Institute, United States - Emily Flynn Pesquera, Associate Director

Sustainable Tompkins, United States - Gay Nicholson, PhD, President

SustainUS, United States - Ben Goloff, COP22 Delegate

Swiss Youth For Climate, Switzerland - Marie, Member

System Change, not Climate Change!, Austria - Magdalena Heuwieser, Activist

Taiga Research and Protection Agency, Russia - Alexander Arbachakov, Director

The Corner House, United Kingdom - Nicholas Hildyard, Co-Director

The Crane Hill Organic Farm, United States -, Farmer

The Democracy Collaborative, United States - John Duda, Director of Communications

The International Institute of Climate Action & Theory, United States - Dr. Richard Widick, Director

The Land Is Ours, United Kingdom - Tree, Collective member

The Palestine BDS National Committee (BNC), Palestine - Riya Hassan, Europe Organiser

The Woodland League, Ireland - Andrew St Ledger, PRO

Three Squares Inc., United States - Jaime Nack, President

Tightshift Laboring Cooperative, United States - Allison Basile, Member

Tokata-LPSG RheinMain e. V., Germany - Dr. Michael Koch, Director

Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc., United States - Bill Edwards, Executive Director

Towards Sustainability Association, Hungary - Ákos Éger, President

Toxics Action Center, United States - Claire Miller, Lead Community Organizer

Transition Express Campaign, United States - Priscilla Rich, Executive Director

Transnational Institute, Netherlands - Fiona Dove, Executive Director

UCSOND, Ghana - Wisdom Quaiku, Executive Director

UK Tar Sands Network, United Kingdom - Suzanne Dhaliwal, Coordinator

Ulu Foundation, United States - Stephanie Fried, Executive Director

United for Action, United States - Edith Kantrowitz, Board Member

Unternehmensberatung TEMP GbR., Germany - Rudolf W. Hege, President

Unterstützung nordamerikanischer Indianer, Germany - Claudia Ehlers, Member

Up To Us, United States - Ethan Au Green, Member

Uper Valley Affinity Group, United States - Frederick Wolfe, Member

Upper Mooki Landcare Inc, Australia - Nicola Chirlian, Chairman

Upper Valley Affinity Group, United States - Geoffrey Gardner, Communications Director

Urgenda, Netherlands - M. Minnesma, Director

Urgewald, Germany - Heffa Schuecking, Director

US Labor Against the War, United States - Reece Chenault, National Coordinator

Utah Moms for Clean Air, United States - Cherise Udell, Founder

VABÖ - Verband Abfallberatung Österreich, Austria - Matthias Neitsch, Managing Director

Vamos e.V. Münster, Germany - Stefanie Neumann, Campaigner

Védegylet Egyesület, Hungary - Györgyi Újszászi, Secretary general

Verein zur Unterstützung nordamerikanischer Indianer, Germany - Karl-Heinz Prestel, Member

Veterans for Peace - Santa Fe Chapter, United States - Kenneth E. Mayers, Chapter Secretary

Walkin´Sagres, Portugal - Ana Carla Cabrita, Owner/Nature Guide

Wall of Women Colorado, United States - Paddy McClelland, Manager

Water Protectors Legal Collective, United States - Bruce Ellison, Board Liason, Criminal Defense Coordinator

We Are Seneca Lake, United States - Peter Drobny, Liaison, Coordinating Council

WECAN (Women's earth and climate action network), United States - osprey-orielle lake, Founder and ED

Welsh National Freedom News, United Kingdom - John Houston, Admin

WeMove.EU, Europe - Oliver Moldenhauer, Executive Director

Winter Oak Press, United Kingdom - Jon Harvey, Editorial co-ordinator

WissenLeben e.V., Germany - Dr. Maiken Winter, Director

Women Emancipation and Survival Foundation, Ghana - Winfried Donkor, Executive Director

Women's Media Center, United States - Julie Burton, President

Working Circle Indians of North America (AKIN), Austria - Peter Schwarzbauer, Chairman

Worthing Climate Action Network, United Kingdom - Emma Cameron, Chair

Worthing Downlanders, United Kingdom - Steve Nethercott-Cable, Committee Member

XminY hét actiefonds, Netherlands - Doron Joles, Regional Coordinator

Xun Biosphere Project, United States - Jon Anderholm, Director

Young Friends of the Earth Europe, Europe – Zivile Mantrimaite, Coordinator

Zeeb Kommunikation, Germany - Hartmut Zeeb, CEO

Zelenite (The Greens), Bulgaria - Borislav Sandov, Campaign coordinator

Zwei Welten Fachverlag, Germany - Antje Small Legs, Owner

Возрождение Казаса и шорского народа, Russia - Владислав Таннагашев, Chairman

Фонд саамского наследия и развития, Russia - Andrei, Director



Please find the PDF version of the letter here.