2 July 2018

Hi again! Last week, Lena told you all about being a newcomer at the farm. 

This week, it is my turn again to write about issues we tackle during our agri-activism placement. 

Chatting with Lena about what we want to stand for, we said we want to focus on positive initiatives rather than being against various issues. We want to promote a solution for getting rid of the problems.

That is why focusing on food sovereignty instead of world hunger feels like a good idea for us.

15 June 2018

On May 25th, history was made.

The people of Ireland voted almost 2 to 1 to repeal the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution, an amendment installed in 1983 that gave equal right to life to the foetus and the mother. That year, the vote was won by 67% to 33%. This year, that figure was flipped, with 69% voting to remove the 8th amendment. The descriptors being used is 'landslide'.

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