1 October 2012

In the last few days Push Europe has launched an email action targeting Poland's Prime Minister.

Why? We are at the point, where it is possible that the EU will not act for another decade on climate change, simply because the voice of dirty industry is louder than the voice of people. Poland has continuously blocked European action on climate, and without international pressure they will continue to do so.

28 September 2012

Written by Jamie Gorman, Young Friends of the Earth Ireland

One blustery, sunny Sunday morning last November, I took a walk with a local person in a community threatened by fracking. Walking along winding country roads, over hilltops and past gushing brooks, she shared with me a little of the rich history and folklore through which we traipsed. We passed ruined cottages whose former inhabitants still occupy the memory of the place and ancient forestswhich the fairies, mythical creatures of Irish folklore, are said to still inhabit.

28 September 2012

On the day of the launch of our reCAP campaign, Young Friends of the Earth Europe interviewed young people as they took action for a reform to Europe's Common Agricultural Policy.

Watch our new movie of the results here!

19 September 2012

Today is the official start of Young Friends of the Earth Europe's reCAP campaign, calling for 50 days of action for fair and sustainable farming.

Counting down from today and for the next 50 days, we'll be organising 50 actions and educational activities showing young people's demands and visions for better food and farming, as part of our reCAP campaign.

14 September 2012

Written by Natascha Deininger, Young Friends of the Earth Scotland


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