11 May 2012

Written by Grace Herbert, Young Friends of the Earth Ireland

YFoE Ireland recently had their Annual General Meeting (AGM) (see photos here: http://on.fb.me/IZlpPW). It took place in Seomra Spraoí in Dublin, an autonomous social centre, which served us beautiful vegan food for lunch and dinner. The AGM was an opportunity for young environmentalists to give their input into the direction in which they would like YFoE Ireland to focus. It was also an opportunity for us to learn more about YFoE, the work it does, the campaigns it runs and how the organisation hopes to grow.

11 May 2012


In April the very first Food@Farm workshop of this year was organised by Young Friends of the Earth Netherlands (JMA) in Leiden. For this project, first year students are invited to come along to an organic farm where they can see where their food actually comes from. Even though this visit is very interesting and gives an accurate view of what it means to be an organic farmer in the Netherlands, it does not provide the tools for the students to change the way they eat. Therefore, we also give a workshop how to cook vegetarian and according to the seasons!

5 May 2012

Written by Adnan Smajić, Centre for Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 May 2012

From 20-22 June world leaders will gather for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marking the twentieth anniversary of the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, this June groups and organisations across the globe are calling for greater people power and democracy in the UN negotiations, and an end to greenwashed solutions to ecological collapse.

1 May 2012

Written by Max Ramezani, BUNDjugend/YFoE Germany

In the end of April Young Friends of the Earth Berlin had the great chance to meet Wale Obayanju from Friends of the Earth Nigeria.

Berlin. When we within our Berlin group consider actions to raise awareness on global environmental issues here in town we are usually confronted with a twofold problem:


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