1 May 2012

Written by Sven Janovski, Green Action/FoE Croatia

30 April 2012

Sitting in the rural Liberian village of Small Bong Mines, about to eat a meal at the house of one of my new colleagues at the Sustainable Development Institute -Friends of the Earth (FoE) Liberia- the voice of Celine Dion unexpectedly floated across the dead heat of the midday sun. 'Near, far, where ever you are,' she cried, 'my heart will go on'. The local radio station was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a terrible tragedy that cost the lives of 1,500 people in icy Atlantic waters.

23 April 2012

As we start to see the impacts of climate change all around the world, it would be essential to stop being dependent on fossil fuels.

But despite this urgent need, oil companies teamed up with the Canadian government and trying to bring tar sands, the most polluting fossil fuel, into Europe.

12 April 2012

Once upon a time, in a place not very far away, a dedicated group of activists had a brilliant idea: let's bring young people from across Europe together! To share ideas, make friends, and campaign together for planet and people. Young Friends of the Earth Europe grew, became older, and soon had many members from all four corners of Europe.

Sounds like a fairy tale? But it's true - this year we are five years old!


So, how will we celebrate? And how can you join the festivities? 

2 April 2012

Brainstorming. Energizers. Video. Climate justice now! Inspirational people. ''Snoring'' game. Strange UNO card game. Lot's of hugging. Collectiveness. Laughter. Happiness. – Some of the words that pop up into my head when I think about the last couple of days spent in Switzerland. It isn't very easy to put such an intense experience in just a few words, but I'll try.


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