15 June 2018

The trojan horse of free trade agreements has finally visited Cyprus!

For the past few months YFoE Cyprus have been using the huge prop to raise awareness about the hidden dangers of Free Trade Agreements such as CETA and JEFTA. From the mountains of Troodos to the city centre of the capital of Nicosia, the Trojan horse attracted the public, who were then informed about CETA by YFoE Cyprus activists.

15 June 2018

After Ingrid's introduction to the ideas of Agri-Activism, it is my turn (Lena) to offer you a glimpse into our lives as agri-activists! At the time of writing we have been on Caerhys Organic farm for a whole month, which is a good time to reflect upon the things learned so far. For this reason I will share with you what it has been like to be an absolute newcomer to work and life on a farm.


First Impressions

5 June 2018


Welcome to the first post of the year from the YFoEE agri-activism placement 2018!


This blog already hosted several agri-activists' voices before ours so we won't spend too much time describing the project. However, an introduction is recquired before we can get into the details of our stay in future posts. So here it is, please bare with us.

8 March 2018

This article was previously published on Bilton.org and LeftEast.


8 March 2018

Katie Hodgetts and Kate Whitaker


Today marks two weeks since women in Yarl’s Wood detention centre started a strike to protest the UK Home Office’s immoral practices, inhumane treatment of detainees and unfair detention system. Read a full list of their demands here.



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