Take action with reCAP

31 August 2012

Taking part in reCAP is easy!

Between 19th September - 7th November we are asking Young Friends of the Earth groups and activists to help organise a total of 50 actions to raise public awareness and call on politicians to rethink the CAP.

With your help, we aim to organise 50 actions during 50 days, marking the 50 years since the CAP was first implemented. All the actions that are organised will be collected and oublished centrally on a special gallery, showing a massive voice from young people from all corners of Europe who want a reform of the agriculture system.

reCAP starts on the 19th September, in support of the Good Food March which arrives in Brussels on that day.

The actions you do can be big or small, done with a group or as an individual, and can be as creative as you like! We've put together an action pack with background information about reCAP and a list of ideas of what sort of actions you can organise to help you take part in reCAP.

How to take part

1. Download the action pack, and start thinking and discussing with your group or your friends how you would like to take part in reCAP





2. Contact us and tell us what you plan to do, so that we can add it to the list of actions that will be taking place. We're here to support you, so make sure to ask us any questions or for any help





3. Carry out your action or activity! Whatever you do, whether its a film showing and discussion, a cooking class, or a street action, make sure to take photos and to send us your pictures and a short description of what you did and where. Your action will then be added to our special reCAP action gallery, and contribute to building a much bigger voice from across Europe demanding a reform to the agriculture system



4. Keep checking the Young Friends of the Earth Europe website and reCAP facebook page for more actions and ways that you can support reCAP, and watch the campaign grow!