Summer Camp 2013, 28th July- 4th August

12 March 2013

Join us on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

This summer we'll be heading north to the arctic circle for our annual summer camp! Doesn't sound so summery we know, but we can assure you that we have some very strong reasons for making such an extreme trip for this years summer camp. 

From the 28th July- 4th August, 60 young people from the Young Friends of the Earth Europe network will be coming together for 6 days of learning, networking and making plans for action on the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway. We're also joining forces with Young Friends of the Earth Norway (Natur og Ungdom) who will be running their own camp for 300 young Norwegian activists, and 30 other international youth from organisations from Russia, Nigeria, Canada and the US.

Applications are now CLOSED.

Additional to our usual programme of getting to know the Young Friends of the Earth Europe network and building our skills and knowledge to work together, a special part of  our programme will be dedicated to learning about and taking action to prevent the drilling for North Sea oil off the coast of the Lofoten Islands. This part of the world is incredibly important for cod fish stocks, and for traditional, small scale fisherfolk whose livelihoods depend on the nature of the area. However, there's a real risk that the new Government of Norway (elections are coming in fall 2013) are going to go ahead with controversial plans to start drilling in this ecologically and socially vulnerable location.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe opposes the extraction of oil and all fossil fuels and does not want to see the Lofoten islands opened up for further drilling and extraction of this dirty, climate destroying resource. Across 2013, we're going to be working with and building links between young people and groups opposing fossil fuels of various forms in their own countries. Heading to the Lofoten Islands is one step in our journey of 2013 to unite the network around this issue, and share our positive ideas and solutions for a world without fossil fuels.

So join us in Lofoten!

Dates:  28th July- 4th August
28th July: We meet in Olso for day 1 of the programme
29th July: We travel to Lofoten
30th July- 4th August we'll be housed in a school on Lofoten

Programme: The programme will include sessions to learn about the YFoEE network, and the campaigns and issues facing YFoE groups from at least 15 other countries, as well as skill-shares, training and information sessions to help you campaign more effectively at home. Additionally we'll have some fun activities, including a 'folkefest' (with music and activities with the local community), and outdoor sports including arctic surfing and maybe even whale safari.

Who: the summer camp is open to everyone active with a Young Friends of the Earth of a Friends of the Earth group in Europe, between the ages of 16- 32. Participants will be selected on the basis of their application form.

Cost: we'll reimburse 70% of your travel costs to Oslo, then your full travel costs from Olso- Lofoten- Oslo.
We encourage everyone to travel to Oslo in the most environmentally friendly ways possible (i.e by bus, train, car-share, etc). If you travel by inter-rail (a 10 day pass for 22 days of travel) we'll reimburse 100% of your inter-rail ticket.
We ask all participants to pay a participation fee of 20 euros, which will contribute to the costs of the event.

Until then, get inspired by watching this little promotion movie from our Friends at YFoE Norway, who are very excited that we'll all be coming to Lofoten with them this summer.