Recycled Art Contest and Exhibition - Kicks off YFoE Bulgaria!

26 February 2015

On 25th January Mladi Za Zemiata (Young Friends of the Earth Bulgaria) organised their first big event as a new group! 30 young artists and nature lovers took part in an exhibition and contest of sculptures, furniture and jewelry created from recycled products and packaging, in Sofia.

All works of art were then granted by the authors to a charity auction, where money from the purchases will support a mountain cleaning project in Rila national park this autumn - the 18th edition of Za Zemiata annual campaign.

The big prize for the winner of the contest is that their creation will now be printed on t-shirts for the 2015 cleaning campaign. A group of art school students gained the most likes on facebook with their creation 'Space art plant'. Dimitar Titov, one of the winners explained- "Our appeal is for not throwing away the so-called 'junk', but to create something exquisite, different and memorable from it. Because we all have to try to keep the Earth clean. Each step is important, even the small ones".

The winners in the three categories were granted with books on environmental matters. All participants received cloth bags calendars with advices 'How to reduce my own waste?'.

The exhibition itself attracted the public interest not only by the creative sculptures and their charitable mission, but also by its educational program. There were lecture on the Zero waste topic and broadcast of the "Trashed" movie, followed by inspiring discussions. The creations, that were not sold during the Exhibition would be offered again during our youth festival for green ideas and initiatives "Za Zemiata" taking place on 14th March in Sofia. More news from this event to follow soon!