Big oil and gas buying influence in Brussels

24 October 2019

With money and meetings, subsidies and sponsorships, the oil and gas lobby is fuelling the climate disaster.

Since 2010, just five oil and gas corporations and their fossil fuel lobby groups have spent at least a quarter of a billion euros buying influence at the heart of European decision-making.

This briefing exposes not just the hundreds of millions these oil and gas majors have spent on lobbying the EU, but the wide variety of underhand tactics they’ve used to successfully water down effective climate legislation.

To ensure that climate and energy policy is conducted entirely in the public interest, we must cut fossil fuels out of our politics.

  • Read the civil society statement, supported by nearly 200 international civil society organisations, declaring "we need fossil free politics"


Big oil and gas eu lobby spend

big oil and gas majors + lobby groups

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200 fossil fuel lobbyists in Brussels

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